Worn Out

Another day of work and honestly, with each new day I think I am liking the job more and more. Everything is just so nice and relaxed, everyone is pretty friendly, and I have yet to do a task I didn’t like (well, except for sweeping the floor but that hardly counts). I didn’t even mind having to go in an extra hour early this morning (7:00 am instead of 8:00 am) to learn how to do pound cakes. I woke up at 5 (don’t ask me why, I just like having plenty of time in the morning to get ready and chill and such) so I was obviously relatively tired this morning, but I became alive fairly quickly.

The early rising plus being on my feet all day caught up with my tonight though as I was ready for bed around 7. Didn’t happen. I went for a brief walk with my mom but we got rained on so that was a bust. I really wanted to get some kind of other exercise in today but I just didn’t feel up to it. So instead I read magazines and watched Sex in the City on dvd. And now I’m going to head to bed after this post.

But first I’ll talk about food. So I started the day off starving once again. Who’s starving at 5:00 in the morning? Weird. But anyway, I made oatmeal. It looks small but there was almost 1/3 cup of oats in there, plus I threw in some PB Puffins and Corn Bran Squares, some rasbperry yogurt and banana slices. I also ate about 1/3 of a pumpkin muffin.

Lunch was, once again, not photographed. I really need to get into the swing of taking a picture of the packed lunch right in the morning. New concept for me! Anyway, I had a loaded veggie salad with chickpeas. It was decent. I also had a strawberry granola bar from a box I’ve had in the cupboard forever that I would really like to get rid of now. So trying to use those up is what got that bar into my lunch bag.

Once I got home I was pretty hungry so I did a fridge raid. I hate those. I had cottage cheese, hummus with rice crisps, mushrooms and fresh bread.

That held me over for a couple hours so I had a slightly later dinner. I made a quesadilla of sorts that I fried up in a pan with a bit of cooking spray. I filled it with hummus, salsa, tomato, spinach and a nutritional yeast paste. It was pretty tasty.

Then I went on a mini junk raid and had some grapes, a cookie, some Cool Whip Free and a small piece of chocolate.
I later made an iced coffee that I wasn’t really feeling for since I was kind of cold, but I’m glad I made it anyway because it tasted great and picked my energy up a bit. This one, loaded with ice, turned out pretty perfectly.

Now I need to sleep. Night!


9 thoughts on “Worn Out

  1. hehe, I think your quesadilla is missing the queso :-P looks good though! Glad your liking the job more and more, usually it’s opposite for most jobs!

  2. I’m happy that you’re enjoying your new job! That feeling of dreading to go to work is the worst. But you are slowly making me want to quit my job and work at a bakery :P

  3. Glad you’re happy about your job! $$ + joy = awesome life :D

    And I get hungry at 5 in the morning too! But then again, I’m always hungry :-P Love what you had in your oatmeal though! I really should try throwing muffins in with my oats–I bet it’s really chewy and awesome!

  4. I know how you feel! When I open at the coffee shop, I’m hungry at 5:30! I always try to hold off until 7ish because otherwise I’m hungry for lunch at like 10!

  5. haha I feel you about being hungry at 5 am too. I’m starving within 5 minutes of when I wake up whether it’s 5 am or or 11. For me though, I think it’s more the psychological than physical hunger. And because I just LOVE breakfast, sometimes I go to bed early just so that it’s sooner that I can get up and have my oatmeal ; )

  6. Kelly – I just got a job in a bakery. It involves lots and lots of pound cake in every flavour… it’s madness. In the best of ways of course.

    Ashley – Haha yeah it’s hardly a ‘real’ quesadilla but the concept similarity is there.

    Richelle – Seriously you should. Bakery jobs are great. Well, only if you have at least a little willpower to avoid the constant sweet temptations…haha

    Oatmeal – Please do try that, I know you could pull it off and make it taste great!

    Monica – That’s a good idea. I should try holding off and bringing something quick and edible to work some days instead so I’m not suffering from food withdrawal when waiting for lunch time.

    Sarah – Haha now that’s hardcore breakfast love. Breakfast is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I love waking up hungry.

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