New Day + Some Iced Coffee Tricks

And a new mood. I’d say today was much better, even though I had to wake up especially early for work and was dead tired. It was another long work day but I hardly minded. I even got to spend the last couple hours working with my friend who got me the job, as we had to reorganize the freezer. We are usually doing separate tasks so it was fun to end the day working with her.

Usually when I have to get up pretty early in the morning I’m not very hungry, but I was surprised and pleased to actually feel hungry when waking up this morning since I knew I would have to eat something before work no matter what. I started off with half of one of those play doughy pumpkin muffins I made last night. I don’t even fully remember what I put in these, especially quantity wise, but a rough list includes whole wheat flour, egg whites, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, splenda, brown sugar, plain FF yogurt, vanilla, baking powder, baking soda, salt, a little flax… and I think that might have been it. Yeah they are kinda flat. But I like em so I don’t really care. And I calculated each at about 80-85 calories. Not bad at all.

My main breakfast dish was pumpkin oatmeal: oats, pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg, topped with sugar free syrup and vanilla yogurt. Sadly this bowl of oatmeal wasn’t quite as good as many others I’ve had. Not sure why, but oh well, it did what it was supposed to in terms of filling me up. It was accompanied by a cup of coffee.

I brought lunch to work, but forgot to take a picture of it this morning. I was kind of in a rush anyway so it was not the least bit exciting: A container full of cucumber slices and baby carrots, an apple, and an All Bran bar. I’m surprised this sustained me for the day but somehow it did. That breakfast of mine was really filling and long lasting though, so I think that made all the difference.

Dinner was a bowl of cauliflower with FF sour cream and salsa, a couple leftover potatoes and 1/4 of a chickpea cutlet, a few bites of leftover meatloaf and a salad with sweet onion dressing and goat cheese. Quite the mish mash and very unphotogenic dinner. Almost didn’t even bother with the pictures but enjoy anyway ;)

A little later on I was still hungry so I opted for a bowl of frozen banana and mango topped with cherry yogurt and wheat berries. I also munched on some grapes and strawberries.

I was on my feet at work all day and therefore not really feeling a workout, but I forced myself to do a light treadmill workout anyway because I knew I would feel so much better if I did and regret it so much if I didn’t. So I did a 10 minute run and then 20 minutes of speed incline walking. That was followed by pushups and situps. As I knew I would be, I’m really glad I forced myself to do it and now I’m ready for bed. Gotta be at work even earlier tomorrow. Groan.

Oh. Before I forget…

Iced Coffee

There really is no magic secret to this. Heck it doesn’t even always turn out how I want it to. And I more or less always switch up what kind of things I add into it (eg a mix of coffee and some flavoured tea, a mix of coffee and light hot chocolate powder, just plain coffee etc etc).
But the basics are more or less coffee, splenda, unsweetened almond milk and ice. LOTS of ice. I either make this when the pot of coffee has already been sitting out all day and the coffee is cold, or I’ll chill the coffee a bit first with some ice and fridge chilling power. I just throw everything into my handy dandy Magic Bullet and keep blending until it’s nice and frothy/chunky. If it’s too liquidy I will just add more ice.
Honestly, it often doesn’t turn out as thick and substancy as I’d like it. But I just keep experimenting with it and trying different amounts of ingredients each time. I think the main thing is using lots of ice and blending it all up really well. Let me know how it works for you guys and/or when you come up with a good method of iced coffeeing!


7 thoughts on “New Day + Some Iced Coffee Tricks

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better today, Kristie! Thank you for posting how you make the iced coffee – I really need to get one of those Magic Bullets! Where did you find yours?

  2. I love it how you’re an avid coffee drinker too. ;-)

    Try omitting the baking powder and adding a little more baking soda to your muffins. The CO2 produced from the reaction of the yogurt and sodium bicarbonate will help your muffins rise. It shouldn’t affect the taste either. Well, that’s the little science I know about baking.

    You photos are still very nice, even if it’s just mish mash.

  3. Yay! Glad you had a better day today, yesterday was a bad food/exercise day for me (I guess we all have them occasionally) and I felt like crap so I made sure to get back on track today also and I feel good too. :-) Congrats on making yourself work out, I know how hard that can be, but it’s great that you felt better afterwards

  4. Jenn – I actually got the Magic Bullet as a gift but I believe it was picked up at Canadian Tire… which is probably kind of useless for you haha. I would imagine you could probably find them at any big department type store though!

    Leng – THANKS for the baking advice! I know nothing about the science of baking and was wondering what the difference was between recipes that use only baking soda vs only baking powder vs combining the two. Next time I’ll try with only the soda and see what kind of consistency difference I end up with!

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