I’ve had a pretty up and down weekend in terms of, well, everything I guess – mood, food, etc etc. And right now it’s kind of more towards the down side so I’m not in a huge elaborating mood. So this will probably be cut to the chase post. I didn’t even get pictures from any of today’s food so Saturday will rule on the picture front.

Well I guess starting with Friday night, I went out dancing. It involved some liquour. It also involved a binge on mousse cake with my friend at the end of the night. It was really good but I Hated myself for that one in the morning.


I wasn’t even hungry come breakfast time, probably from mousse cake overdose, but I had to eat something before going off to work. So I had a small piece of a pb+j sandwich and a strawberry. Then another small piece of rye with pb+banana. Then a small handful of PB Puffins.

For lunch at work I brought a salad with avocado and 1/2 a chickpea cutlet, an apple, a Fiber One bar and an iced coffee. I had the iced coffee pretty much as soon as I arrived at work. A little while later I was feeling pretty nauseous, probably from the not having much of a breakfast thing, so I ate the Fiber One bar. My first time ever having the PB flavour and I have to say, it was delicious.

I was starving come lunch time and inhaled my lunch, hence forgetting to snap it. But it hardly looked any different than any other bowl of salad and apple so you aren’t missing much.

For Dinner I had 1/2 a chickpea cutlet and baby potatoes with a FF sour cream and spicy hummus dip. This felt like a healthified version of a steak and potatoes type dinner. It even kind of looks like one. Hah. I also had a bowl of cabbage slaw with dijon, FF sour cream and salsa for the extra fill and veggie bulk.

Post dinner I made myself a small bowl of PB Puffins, Cool Whip Free, strawberries and yogurt but after having a few bites in the process of actually making the final product I decided I didn’t want it so I put it in the fridge for another time.

And I made an iced coffee instead.

I was really bored, lonely and bummed Saturday night. Then a friend and I went out and did a bit of club hopping. I had two diet Coke and Vodkas. The night was a bust anyway.


It’s Father’s Day obviously so I went to visit my dad for the day, going for breakfast and staying until late afternoon. I didn’t take a picture of any of my food today at all so I’ll just list everything I ate, or at least what I can remember. I didn’t even bother to try counting my calories today. It was a write-off day for me. And I don’t feel so great about it right now.
one crepe with approx 0.5 T real maple syrup, 1 T whipped cream, strawberries + raspberries
– few small pieces of baguette with some kind of cheese
– one whole banana
Lunch (They don’t eat healthy at my dad’s house so food choices are pretty limited, especially in terms of veggies. Sigh. )
soggy ceasar salad
– leftover riceroni
Snack 1
– apple
Snack 2 (Once I got home)
– some cottage cheese
– a few bites of gross leftover pizza
– some hummus with rice crackers
– approx 1/4 of a chickpea cutlet
– salad with Goddess + cucumber dressing, a few wheatberries and some feta
– a small portion of meatloaf
Post Dinner
1/2 cookie thing
– some grapes

Then I decided that I really wanted to bake something, and I really wanted it to be something with pumpkin. So I looked up a bunch of pumpkin recipes and threw together some weird pumpkin muffin concoction. I have never really winged a baking recipe of any kind before so this was semi exciting. They didn’t turn out too muffin-like. They are fairly dense and kind of a weird consistency (my mom pegged them as Play Dough like, and I guess that description has a bit of accuracy to it) but I have to admit, I really like them! Maybe I’m just a weird and very not picky eater, but they turned out better than I expected and I’m kinda pleased. So I’ll be eating up the rest of the six muffin batch in the next couple days. I’ll post a picture and maybe a recipe tomorrow. And I’ll post my iced coffee method as well.

Another downer note: Except for the tiny bit of club dancing on Saturday night, I did no exercise all weekend. I worked all day Saturday. Could have exercised when I got home but I didn’t. And then was at my dad’s all day today and was outside most of it, did a bit of car washing, but that was it. Could have exercised tonight but didn’t. So the combo of no exercise and bad eating probably has significant contribution to this funk of a mood I am in. Sorry for the somewhat downer of a post. Hopefully this week I’ll be a bit perkier.


11 thoughts on “Blah

  1. No worries for the downer mood- I can totally relate, but hopefully you’ll be back to feeling well tomorrow when you get back on track with ur eating/exercising. I like ur little sandwiches, those are cute :-) Have a good week, and remember: tomorrow is a fresh start!

  2. how exactly do you make your iced coffee? i’ve been craving that and trying to figure out the perfect recipe.

  3. Wowza… your pictures are seriously gorgeous!

    I’m sorry you had a downer type wknd, I can totally relate!

    P.S. Don’t hate yourself for having a bad food night (mousse), just move forward and do better next time. Well, at least that’s what I have to tell myself every time I wake up with my morning after self-hate, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, even though I know it’s right :/

  4. i totally know how you feel when you say your in a down mood. When i get like that its left overs and fast grabbed food for me!!!! youll come out of it.. im convinced its the weather!

    your food still looks yumm.. im buying puffins tomorrow!

  5. Kristin, so sorry you are feeling down about your weekend. A couple of things, first of all, it looks like you had a balance of numerous food groups on Sunday! I might try to focus on the great things you ate- avocado (healthy fat!), fruit, chickpea cutlet, etc. Those foods are nutritious and will do great things for your body!

    Hope you feel better today!
    Little Black Dress

  6. Ahh don’t worry about, I have weeks when I’m totally up and down and some when I am full of energy. And I always have to end up binging on something after drinking alcohol too.. I hate that!

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