Following the Cutlet Trend

This morning I, shockingly enough, was craving an egg breakfast! So I made myself a long overdue omelet. I used to have them somewhat regularly but lately I’ve hardly been eating eggs at all. Or egg whites rather, I don’t eat eggs all that much.
But anyway, I cracked open a fresh jar of salsa and made myself a lovely egg white omelet filled with salsa, spinach and goat cheese, then topped with nutritional yeast. It was perfect, and a nice switch up from the standard oatmeal/fruit/yogurt etc breakfasts that I’m used to. It kept me full for quite a while as well.

Of course breakfast was also accompanied by a wonderfully frothy, chunky iced coffee. Mmmm.

For lunch I had a big salad full of carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, cabbage slaw, spinach, zucchini and avocado, topped with a FF sour cream/dijonnaise/balsamic dressing and the last of the cottage cheese. I was going to have yogurt with some of the wheat berries that I finally got around to cooking up this morning after my salad but I was just too full so the wheat berries sadly had to wait.

For dinner I finally got around to making CHICKPEA CUTLETS. I had bought the wheat gluten a while ago but just didn’t get around to making them until today when I put my foot down and forced myself to make them for dinner. Too bad I wasn’t especially hungry when dinner time rolled around because I think I probably would have enjoyed them more if I was. But nonetheless they were very good. My mom even enjoyed them and she tried them with complete doubt. My brother, on the other hand, said they were the worst things he had ever tasted. Pickest eater I’ve ever met though, so I wasn’t surprised.

I topped mine with a sour cream/dijon mustard/chili sauce combo. I think it complimented the cutlet well. Overall I thought they were tasty and filling and I really like the texture. I think that next time though I would leave out the lemon zest. I’m just not a huge lemon fan I guess, especially not in a veggie burger of sorts.
After this I also had a bite of the pizza my brother had for dinner and a spinach salad.

Unphotographed snacking of the day included a bite of a carrot muffin from the health food store (SO good), some Peanut Butter Puffins straight from the box (SO dangerous), and a small bowl of cherry yogurt with raspberries and wheat berries that I just couldn’t fit into my stomach after lunch. Oh, and countless grapes of course.


12 thoughts on “Following the Cutlet Trend

  1. Umm, that chunky iced coffee? I WANT. I’m assuming you make it yourself? Do you just make the coffee and toss it in the freezer? Please give me your secrets. :)

  2. I agree – that iced coffee is super amazing looking! How do you get the icy consistency?

    I have yet to try the cutlet trend, but I know for a fact that I have so many picky eaters in my life that I’d be making them just for me :)

  3. I am officially making your egg breakfast tomorrow and adopting your lunch for my lunch today. I have my boyfriend and his brother to feed and they WILL LOVE that salad. Because I said so. Thanks!

  4. Ashley – Glad I could be of some aid with your meal ideas ;)

    Kelly – Your comment made me chuckle. And I’ll admit it, yolked up omelets are just a tad tastier than the rubbery egg white only ones. But I keep my yolk eating for special occasion treats haha

    Richelle – It’s true, the stuff is darn hard to find. I found mine in a small natural baking store. They should really sell it in regular grocery stores! But seriously, I think I like the cutlets more and more each time I try them. I will definitely be making these more often.

    As for the iced coffee, there really isn’t too much of a trick to it. I’ll explain in my next post!

  5. egg whites are a good healthy breakfast. All that protein is sure to keep you full for hours.
    Your omelets always look so delicious. And your cutlets look awesome as well. I def. need to try adding wheat gluten. My brother is the same exact way. So.Picky! He never wants to eat his veggies or rice. Just meat and bagels. Weird.

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