First Day on the Job

Sorry that this post is delayed, I meant to write last night but ended up going for a last minute walk with a friend and that trip ended up going into the wee hours of the morning so I went straight to bed once I got home.

Anyway, had my first day working at the bakery yesterday! Overall I think I’m really going to enjoy it! I got to work with lots of different little desserts, mainly taking the plain bases such as individual cheesecakes and finishing them off with whatever decor they required, then boxing, labelling and storing them to be shipped to their respective places of order. I even got to take home two tiny cheesecakes that couldn’t be used. I think it’ll be a good way to fill some of my otherwise boring days of summer, and amazingly enough I was hardly tempted by any of the food there! I know I’ll have plenty of opportunities to sample things throughout my time there so I’m in no rush to shove everything in my face. ;) They are also super nice and chill there, and you can eat pretty much whatever you want. Hopefully I can continue to be not too tempted by all the pretty things there… haha.

I woke up bright and early so I would have some extra time in the morning to just chill before going into work. I had a bowl of creamy banana oatmeal for breakfast with my buddies Dino and Smirnoff. Don’t worry, there is no alcohol in the glass, only water! I like the cup though, it’s SO purple. And the spoon is just pure greatness obviously.

Lunch was packed and eaten at work. It was just some leftover broccoli and carrots with balsamic vinaigrette, an apple, and about 1/3 of a leftover energy bar. Nothing too thrilling.

For dinner the fam had chicken cacciatore. I had some of the chicken and tomato sauce in half a wrap with avocado, and then some pasta with a bit of sauce on the side. The bro is just inhaling his meal in the background. Seriously, he usually finishes his meal before I even sit down at the table.

And then of course I had to try some of the mini cakes I brought home from work. They were misfits so they have no fancy decorations on them, but they still tasted great. I cut them into quarters and then had 1/4 of each. Plus another couple bites of one piece. I couldn’t resist!


5 thoughts on “First Day on the Job

  1. Oh wow…I don’t know how you got by with cutting those into quarters – it’s impressive!! I’m glad you’re enjoying the job.

    Love the Dino spoon!! Is it one of those color changing ones they used to put in cereal boxes?

  2. The bakery sounds amazing and I’m sure you’re going to fall more in love with it everyday. I’m going to miss reading your posts for a while since I’ll be away from the blogosphere for an unknown amount of time while I get my study abroad trip in order but best of luck with everything. Take care :)

  3. Jenn – I think it might have changed colours at one point, can’t remember haha. But it’s so old that even if it did, it sure doesn’t anymore. Maybe I should get right of it… but there’s something kinda fun about eating with a plastic spoon haha

    Danielle – Best of luck for you too! I hope you have an AMAZING time, as I’m sure you will, and I hope you get organized quickly so you can get back online at some point soon and tell us all about how your trip is going!

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