Uneventful Day

It was gorgeous weather today but completely uneventful. I basically stayed at home all day and did a whole lot of nothing. Got some tanning in. Some treadmill. Some sitting at the computer… yeah I’ve been totally bored. Some days I really like sitting around and doing nothing, and others I just really want to get out. And today was the latter, yet just couldn’t make it work. Ah well I guess, tomorrow I get to start at the bakery! Should be exciting hopefully.

Anyway, I feel as though my eating lately has been a little less than adequate. I just feel like I’ve been eating more junk than I should be. So today I tried a little harder to be watchful of what I ate, tried to do less snacking and get in as many good foods as I could.
I started this watchful kick off with a bowl of yogurt with banana and strawberries and an iced coffee with almond milk.

This didn’t tide me over all that long so a little while later I had half an applesauce muffin pre workout. Did a good treadmill run along with some exercises on an exercise ball and then some strength moves from a Self Magazine rip out I had lying around.

I was pretty hungry by the time lunch came around so I had a small bowl of cottage cheese, then made myself up a giant bowl of salad with avocado. I was stuffed after this…

…but starving by dinner time a few hours later. I made a wrap stuffed with spicy hummus, sour cream dill sauce, leftover roasted vegetables from my dinner the other night and spinach. Then I had a bowl of cabbage slaw with sweet onion dressing and feta. I had all this before the rest of my family ate because I was too darn hungry to wait for them.

They had burgers, fries and broccoli, so I had a bit of broccoli and a few fries with them once they got around to eating.

Usually I want to have something sweet right after dinner even though I’m usually not hungry, but this time around I waited for a bit and then had a bowl of yogurt with frozen raspberries and banana once I felt a little hungry again. I also threw in a bit of granola for the last few bites of yogurt.

I managed to eat mostly healthy, nutritionally beneficial foods (bar the fries and the half a cookie I had that I didn’t take a picture of) and kept the snacking on random bites of food to practically zero, but it’s nearly bedtime now and I am quite hungry. Oh well, I shall resist til morning.


7 thoughts on “Uneventful Day

  1. ugh sometimes I have such a hard time eating healthy too!!!! Its hard to deny yourself junk food when your usual eating habits are so good!!! oh well!!!!

    your wrap looks delish… sometimes there is nothing like a cool wrap on a hat day.. ( i know that sounds weird.. but i love light crisp food on HOT HOT days!!!)

  2. I tend to crave more of those “stay in and do nothing days” than go out! But then again, I’m sucha grandma sometimes :P

    Don’t worry I graze a lot during the day too, at least all of your meals were healthy & balanced!

  3. yum, i love your scenic view for lunch!

    sounds like you did a great job of mind-ful eating… i love having mini meals throughout the day, i feel like i never stop eating :)

  4. It sounds like you ate really nutritious foods today! Good for you- and being hungry for breakfast is such a great feeling!

  5. I thought that iced coffee was a chocolate milk shake at first and I got excited. I figured if someone else drinks chocolate shakes for breakfast, I certainly can too. But iced coffee is good, too :)

  6. Jenn – It was a pack of little silicon bowls from a dollar store haha.

    Arielle – Sorry to disappoint haha. Find out a way to make a healthy chocolate milk shake from breakfast though and I’ll be all over it

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