New Job!

As the title states, I got a new job today! And it’s at a bakery, how cool is that?! A bakery of fine and fancy desserts no less. I love baking. And sweets. So this will be kind of awesome and dangerous at the same time haha. I’m actually not too worried about being around sweets all the time though, I have pretty good restraint when it comes to being around them in that kind of situation. I have no doubt that I will get to sample a little here and there though. I’ll just have to eat lots of veggies to compensate. Hahah.
My friend already works there so she told me about the job when the owner mentioned to her that they were looking for people. She brought in my resume and talked highly of me, and when I went in today for an ‘interview’ of sorts, he basically just talked the whole time about his beliefs and attitudes about work ethic and such, and then told me he was hiring me and when i’d be working. Then I got to follow around my friend for a bit and watch what she was doing. And it’s SUCH a relaxed environment. Everyone seems really nice and seem to really like their jobs, the owner is SO nice, and they hardly have any turnover. I felt comfortable being there right away. I think it’s going to be pretty sweet. No pun intended. ;)

Unfortunately my food photographing today wasn’t all that great. I even had my camera sitting right beside me during breakfast but totally forgot about taking a picture until I had scraped the bowl clean. For the record, I had oat bran with banana, strawberry, and a bit of yogurt and pb on top.

I DID manage to capture lunch in photo form:

Leftover half of a turkey sub. I took most of the turkey off, not a fan of what they use. I don’t really like turkey unless it’s very thin deli sliced.

Also had some leftover roasted veg and rice gratin from the other night, topped with a homemade yogurt sour cream dill dressing.

And a bowl of frozen mango chunks topped with a bit of vanilla yogurt and Cool Whip Free.

Dinner was sushi… I had my camera. But the place was busy and our table was in the middle of the restaurant and when I looked around I just could not make myself pull the camera out of my purse. So no pics of my lovely avocado and cucumber roll or heaping plate of edamame for tonight.

When I came home several hours later I snacked on grapes, cottage cheese and yogurt. And that concludes my day.


8 thoughts on “New Job!

  1. Congrats! New jobs are always so exciting. Ive always wanted to work at a bakery.. I still do! Doing my hobby and getting paid for it?! I’ve also secretly wanted to work at a pizza place too so I can just make pizzas all day long :) Haha so far from my job right now!

  2. Hi Kristie- Congrats on your new job! I admire your desire to really put yourself out there with your career goals!

    My name is Anna and I have been an avid lover of the food blogging world for over a year. I have loved your blog because of the variety of foods you eat, and how you seem to be able to identify what is right for you at a given time. Kudos to you!

    About a month ago, I started my own blog, called Meals from the Girl in the Little Black Dress.
    I focus on eating healthfully with mostly whole foods, and feeling good about everything I put into my mouth. I was wondering if I might provide a link to your blog on my website? Also, if you have any suggestions on my blog, I would love to hear them! Thanks so much Kristie, for bringing so much to the healthy eating dialogue in the blog world!

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