A Strange Start

Breakfast time for me = sweet time. That’s just usually how I go, I almost always want something on the sweet side, that either includes cereal or oatmeal or yogurt or fruit. But you know, that category of stuff. Once in a while I’ll switch it up with an egg or something but even that’s been pretty rare lately. But today for some reason, I just HAD to start my day off in the opposite taste direction. So I began my day’s fueling with veggies and cottage cheese. I don’t think I’ve ever started breakfast with a combo like THAT before. Who knows. Anyway, I wasn’t completely off my breakfast rocker though, I did have a bowl of loaded cereal immediately after this.

Lunch was prebought for us on the job so it was subs from Mr Sub. Options were limited so I picked a turkey on whole wheat. They were full length so I just ate half along with an apple I brought and a cookie that I couldn’t resist since they had a nice big box of fancy ones sitting on the table.

Post work pre dinner snacking included random crackers and rye with hummus among other things. Meh. Onto dinner.

Which was a Gardenburger with goat cheese and dijonnaise, topped with spinach. With a side of grilled asparagus. And a plate of lettuce with feta and light balsamic vinaigrette.

And of course, the inevitable sweet ender of the day was a mango, banana, strawberry smoothie with almond milk and vanilla yogurt. Good way to call it a day.


7 thoughts on “A Strange Start

  1. I wonder why it is that most people don’t wake up and eat veggies, I too normally crave fruit or yogurt or something sweet but wondered lately why I can’t get up and eat carrots. Funny that you tried it and then went for your cereal :-) Glad you had a good day with a nice finish

  2. No matter how much I love veggies, I just cant have it for breakfast. Maybe I’ll have some mushrooms in an omelette or something, but never raw! Oh well I need to try it out soon since my breakfasts are always boring bowls of cereal!

  3. I know what you mean – that breakfast challenge totally made me think about eating veggies for breakfast…BUT once I do, it’s immediately back to the sweet stuff!! :)

  4. I’m always in the mood for sweets. That’s my major weakness. But hey, who says we have to follow what the rest of the world eats! I think it’s great that we all venture out of our ruts as much as possible. I find myself stuck sometimes on cereal and oatmeal, so having ice cream in the AM is a wonderful change. :lol:

    btw, I love your grilled asparagus! how about you send me some of that and I’ll send you some grilled corn. haha j/k

    Have a great Tuesday Kristie!

  5. Leng – I’m totally up for a grilled veg swaperoo. Let’s do it! Haha

    It’s so funny how we all crave sweet breakfasts eh? I wonder why that is? Strange!

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