That Weekend Thing…

So since I didn’t yet get around to doing this, it’s Weekend Wrap Up Time!


Excuse the incredibly uninteresting and unattractive meals. It was just one of those days.
Exhibit A – Breakfast. Just wasn’t feeling all that hungry. The iced coffee really filled the rest of the hunger void post cottage cheese + grapes consumption anyway.

But this didn’t tide me over for too long. Luckily I thought ahead and packed an oat carrot muffin along with my lunch just in case I got hungry later. I made these a while ago so they have been in the freezer for a while. Not tasting all that great anymore. Might have to eliminate the rest of the batch from the freezer. Or find a way to cover up the dry taste when eating them.

And lunch. Fits right in with the dull food theme of the day. Just wait til dinner.

Dinnner: I made the mistake of weighing out the tortellini before putting it on my plate. I guess it was ultimately a good plan because it sure opened my eyes, but look at the tiny amount of tortellini I got for probably around 200-250 calories? Come ON. Ridiculous. I definitely ate a few more of these babies straight out of the pot later. And notice the pathetic half croissant there. Also definitely ate more salad than what is pictured. I probably had 4x that amount. I was trying to use up the last of the creamy italian dressing I made.

And of course I finished this all off with another iced coffee. Only I tried to be more creative with this one by attempting more of an iced coffee smoothie of sorts. Except I didn’t really have much of anything to thicken it up so that was a pretty failed attempt. I tried banana and I think a couple other things but it was still just a whole lotta liquidy. Oh well, it still tasted great. For the last little bit I decided to throw in some Guardian cereal for a bit of crunch but after having about two bites I took the rest of the cereal out and tossed it. I guess I didn’t really want that crunch after all.

Later that night involved some alcohol and then some bingeing on leftover tortellini upon arriving home. Whoops.


Sunday was all over the place with eating. I probably ate twice as much food as I actually managed to take a picture of. There was just a whole lot of snacking and lazing around and feeling pretty much zapped all day. No structure at all.

It was too hot for anything other than yogurt with frozen berries. And of course an iced coffee. Which I made with way too much coffee and ended up with the worst headache/caffeine buzz ever. NOT all that pleasant.

Lunch was a whole lot of random snacking that occurred directly post grocery shop trip. And I was starving by that point. The only thing that was somewhat structured was the half wrap with hummus, feta and lettuce. Nothing exciting but it tasted pretty good.

Dinner was a whole other ball game though. I slaved over this stupid Roasted Vegetable and Rice Gratin dish from The Power-food Cookbook for much too long. It ended up tasting pretty good, my mom seemed to love it, but it was pretty labour and time intensive. And there was too much heat (stove, oven etc) cooking involved for it to be made on an already very hot day. But I made it anyway and it was nearly worth its pain. Ingredients include eggplant, zucchini, red + yellow bell pepper, soy sauce, vegetable broth, wild + basmati rice, pine nuts and goat cheese. And 1/4 of the entire dish had less than 300 calories. I was pretty impressed. I had two bowls.

Post dinner junk food eating included some cookies, a bit of chocolate, a yogurty mixed drink thing, some strawberries and cool whip. Yeah I went just a bit overboard. But it’s just been one of those weekends, ya know? Actually, every weekends seems to be one of those weekends. I need to stop using that excuse, geez.


8 thoughts on “That Weekend Thing…

  1. Oh don’t you just love “those weekends”?? I had to giggle when you said Saturday night involved some alcohol and then binging on tortellini when you got home. I totally reached for the ice cream when I got home Friday night after drinking!

  2. I love the “Whoops.” after Saturday!

    I love blending my coffees, too. I like adding 1/2 a banana and cocoa. You should try cocoa in it sometime! You know, for all the antioxidants.

  3. You take such pretty pics, Kristie! I wish I could take pics like yours.

    Don’t worry.. we all have those weekends (or weekdays, for that matter). Just got to get back on the horse after those days, and you seem to be doing it well. :)

    Yummy looking meals though! :)

  4. You should weigh the tortellini before boilling them…because the pasta expands and absorbs warer during the cooking process, it weighs more after it is cooked.

    56 grams is the equivalent of about 200-250 kcals…

    Love the blog!

  5. Suze – Ahh you are right. Duh. Definitely should have thought of that. Now I don’t feel so bad though for my pasta indulgence. Thanks! Haha

    Tina – I have the recipe somewhere in a binder in my kitchen I think. It was out of a magazine. I’ll have a looksee and put it up once I find it!

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