Today is HOT. Hottest day we’ve had yet and first day of the year that my mother decided the air conditioning needed to go on. It’s been about 30 degrees Celsius all day but feeling about ten degrees hotter with the humid ex. (That’s between 85-105 degrees for the Fahrenheiters) Unfortunately I was stuck at the optometrist during my backyard’s prime tanning hours. (It gets the best sunlight mid afternoon, otherwise it’s all shady and not exactly ideal for tanning… oh well).

I couldn’t imagine starting my day off with anything hot today, so I opted for a bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Raisin Bran with half a banana and raspberry yogurt.

Then I went for my first real bike ride of the year! It was darn hot out but it was quite the nice ride nonetheless. I went on a longer route than I’ve ever done in previous years and felt like I was gone quite a while but ended up having only been gone 40 minutes. I must have gotten faster ;) I sure felt I earned my shower after this one anyway.

Lunch was a bowl of cabbage slaw, tomato, carrots and mushroom with sweet onion dressing and feta. I also had a couple rice crackers with hummus. My sweet lunch ending was the last of one of the pb jars (maybe half a tbsp) with banana slices on half a caramel rice cake.

I also made some homemade applesauce (thanks for the inspiration Richelle ) that I added a bit of cinnamon to. I think I’m going to save it to use in a recipe sometime soon.

I wanted to use up some last bites of food in the fridge so dinner was a wrap that helped me finish up the last of the tortillas, last of the baba ganoush, last of the avocado and most of the rest of the queso sauce. Here is the open view:

And then I heated it in the microwave, threw in some spinach and wrapped it all up. This was a messy one. Tasty though.

For dessert I finished up the last of the chocolate ice cream, which was literally one spoonful. I ate it on a piece of banana with maybe a tsp of pb. Didn’t take a picture of this mini masterpiece because it was all assembled and shoved down the gullet in a matter of about 20 seconds. Look at my lovely ice cream container scrape job.

But it doesn’t end there. Allow me to introduce you to the best iced coffee I have ever made. Now I guess that’s not really saying much since I have only made my own iced coffee a few times now, but this one beats out all other attempts, and if I had any kind of sugar free syrup on hand, this would beat out many of the coffee shop ones I’ve had as well.
I decided this time, instead of just shoving some ice cubes into coffee, I would blend the coffee and ice all up together in my trusty Magic Bullet. I did this along with some Splenda, unsweetened original almond milk and light hot chocolate powder. AMAZING. It was so rich and foamy. I think I might become addicted to this. And I might just be having it on a daily basis now that the weather is suddenly so darn hot. I can’t wait to make it again. Seriously.


7 thoughts on “Scorcher!

  1. wow what a great job on that ice cream carton hehe…

    that wrap looks delicious, what a creative combo!

  2. Kristie! Yummy looking eats!! And i TOTALLY know what you mean about the heat. It’s not even 7am and im sweating at my desk with ALL the windows open. grrrrrrrrr

    And the only days I have time to tan are Sundays! : ( Haha but I used to time my tans at my old house all the time cause of the shade, so your entry made me laugh!

  3. The rice cake with pb and bananas looks good, well everything does actually! Glad you found the right combo for your iced coffee, it sounds good!

  4. Everything looks really good! That caramel rice cake caught my eye though. Hope you enjoy the hot weather because it’s grey and horrible right now over here :(

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