Inspired Eatings

I felt inspired many times today by the foods of others, so some of today’s food choices reflect that.

For starters, since that fruit breakfast wasn’t incredibly sustaining, I had a bit of cottage cheese to tide me over until lunch. What beautiful stuff it is.

Lunch was a spinach salad with some of the creamy italian dressing I made last night. I also had some carrots, mushrooms, cabbage slaw and avocado in this salad. Either this was really filling or I was having a strange appetite today because I just didn’t want to eat it anymore so I ended up saving half for later. Believe me, this is weird for me, I always finish everything on my plate. I usually don’t have huge portions of things so that’s not that weird, but it IS weird when I don’t finish. Unless it’s at a restaurant or something. But a salad? Geez what’s wrong with me?

Here begins the inspirations. Richelle inspired me with her Granola, so I had to try making some for myself. I made a slightly smaller batch so I just cut down the amount of oats and honey. Unfortunately I managed to burn it a bit so it’s not as tasty as it could be. Once you get past the slightly burnt taste though it has an awesome crunch ;) I snacked on a few small handfuls of this.

I also had half of two different cookies that I bought the other day. I froze the remainders of them (out of sight, out of mind), but I decided I wanted to have a taste today. These are actually really good frozen. One is a jam filled shortbread cookie and one is a caramel filled wafer.

Dinner was my second inspiration, from Allyson‘s lunch. I saw her mashed black bean sandwich with avocado and remembered that I had some white beans in the fridge that needed to be used up. So I mashed those up and made a sandwich on rye with avocado and queso sauce!

Then I decided to heat it up like a grilled cheese. So that’s what I did. With some spinach and dijonnaise in there as well.

Next time I think i’d mix the dijonnaise right into the beans, but otherwise this was one mess of a delicious sandwich.

My after dinner craving could be satisfied by nothing other than a chocolatey shake, so I made one with banana, a little chocolate ice cream, unsweetened almond milk and light hot chocolate powder. I wish this had been slightly colder so I think next time ice cubes would do the trick, but it was great nonetheless.

This was supposed to be it for my food for the day but I went shopping with a friend and got home really hungry so I had a container of yogurt with a bit of Corn Bran and some of the granola thrown in, plus a handful of grapes. NOW I think I’m done for the day.


9 thoughts on “Inspired Eatings

  1. Yay you tried the granola! I agree with vegans on stage.. burned things still taste really good too ;)

    I really want cottage cheese right now. We ran out of it a week ago so now I’m on cc withdrawl :(

  2. Frozen cookies??? Are you serious? You freeze the cookies you have at home? Hmm. Sounds like a great idea for someone like me (chronic overeater). Today, I decided to splurge on a handfull of cashew nuts. of course, I kept going back and grabbing ‘just one last’ handfulls. I should freeze the remaining ones. Whould that work you think?

    Thanks for the idea, I’ll keep in in mind; eventually I’ll find something to freeze. :-)

  3. Richelle – Yeah I feel like I can hardly go a day without cottage cheese anymore. It’s a brutal addiction.

    ChocolateCoveredVegan – Ah yes, those lovely mothers. Gotta love the guilt trip. I think I probably got that lecture even more from my dad. The things those parents ingrain in our heads from the get go…

    iwilltransform – Oh my gosh, I freeze EVERYTHING. Most especially anything I bake, I always seem to end up freezing half the batch. Baking, cookies, chocolate, fattening leftovers that I don’t want to pick at… anything that needs to be out of the way so that I’ll only go to it when I REALLY want it and am willing to make the effort to defrost it. I couldn’t live without the freezer, mainly to store the danger foods out of sight hahah.
    I definitely do the whole “one last bite/handful/whatever” thing as well. I think freezing the cashews is a great idea. Would take more effort to keep going back for more and therefore you’d be less likely to do it.
    The Freezer = My Saviour. <3 Haha.

  4. I always finish everything on my plate as well. haha. I think it’s mainly because I always hate throwing food away when there are so many other people out there who are not as fortunate to even have food to throw away. That’s why I love my freezer as well!!
    =D Except… my freezer gets a bit full sometimes. =P

    thanks for the compliment on my wrap. you’re food looks pretty good as well. I love the title of your post because I constantly find myself craving a certain dish after someone else has had it.

    hope you enjoy your weekend!

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