Sushi Fix

I finally got the sushi fix I’ve been craving for over a week now! My friend and I went out for lunch and I got my standard California roll. Yeah, kinda boring but I love it. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take a picture, even though I had every intention. I remembered just as I finished chewing up the last piece. Disappointing but not like there won’t be other future sushi excursions to photograph.

Anyway though, I’m getting ahead of myself a little and should probably start with breakfast.
I was feeling a waffle today so that’s just what I had. I don’t have any fancy schmancy healthy waffles, only the standard white Eggos, so I had one of those. There’s only one left now though so once they’re gone I think I might have to get my hands on something with a slightly more impressive nutritional profile.
I topped this baby with crunchy pb, frozen banana slices and SF maple syrup. I also had some (unphotographed) grapes and coffee.

I knew I wouldn’t be having lunch until slightly later than usual and I needed something after my workout so I had a couple rice crackers with queso sauce, and then a boiled egg white stuffed with a mixture of baba ganoush and spicy hummus. This makes SUCH a good snack. I should really have it more often!

Lunch, as I said, was sushi. I also later split a peach and raspberry frozen yogurt with my friend. I haven’t had frozen yogurt in ages so this was especially good. I think it would have been more enjoyable to eat though if the day weren’t gloomy and damp, especially since we ate it outside….

By the time dinner rolled around I wasn’t overly hungry since lunch was pretty late, but I was hungry enough to eat something so I had a spinach salad with mushrooms, walnuts, dried cranberries and a Creamy Italian dressing that I found in Crazy Plates. It was good but slightly sweeter than I would have liked. I’d still make it again though. I also had a small piece of the frozen pizza my mom and brother were having for their dinner.

I’m beginning to feel a tiny bit hungry again now so I might have to have another small snack in a bit.


9 thoughts on “Sushi Fix

  1. Sushi cravings should never be ignored! XD And california rolls may be boring–but boring in a very tasty way! Now you’ve got me craving sushi in a city without a decent sushi place in sight!

    Love what you had with the egg–it does sound like it’d be a very tasty and flavorful snack! [minus the spicy hummus for me though :p Not much tolerance for spiciness!]

  2. i love california rolls… they are the only kind of sushi i will eat hehe…

    what a great idea to freeze your banana into slices! the waffle looks scrumptious :)

  3. I’m boring and always get Cali rolls too, they never disappoint! I can’t remember what they’re called but there’s a roll that’s exactly like Cali ones except its made with smoked salmon instead of crab YUM!

  4. Richelle – That roll DOES sound good. I’ll have to keep on the lookout for it. If I find something like it i’ll give it a try next time.

  5. Love the tiny pizza slice!! LOL.
    I do it too when I try to be “good” on my diet. People laugh when they see it, but hey it works!! If everyone around me is having it, I find it hard to resits -this way I get to have at least a little bit, as a side dish (not the main course) and savour it.

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