Queso Fun

I thought I had posted this last night but apparently it didn’t work… stupid wordpress.

I was craving a wrap for dinner and knew I wanted to finish up the last bit of leftover chicken we had so I figured that would be the perfect way to do it, but I was also craving trying out a new recipe. I didn’t want anything other than a wrap for my actual dinner so no dinner recipe ideas were very appealing to me, but then I remembered that I’ve been wanting to try making Nutritional Yeast Queso Sauce for a while now, so that seemed like the perfect recipe to make. I didn’t eat it as an accompaniment to my dinner, but I just wanted to try it as a pre dinner snack with a few tortilla chips. I’m so glad I tried this out, it was super tasty and super easy to make. Plus the ingredients are simple on mostly always on hand too, so I can make this many times over! The picture doesn’t do it justice, especially since I had already put it in a tupperware containter, but I’m pretty darn excited to try this stuff on everything.

And The Wrap:
Chicken, baba ganoush, dijonnaise, spinach and tomato. Simple yet satisfying.

I later on had a few bites of my mom’s tortellini soup and a few bites of the boxed brownie I made yesterday that wasn’t even that great or satisfying so luckily I don’t even really crave it and can easily leave it after having a taste and realizing there are many other things I’d rather be eating…

…such as the bowl of cereal I had a little later on. I had this weird cereal craving, probably because I was earlier reading an article on cereals. So I had a small bowl of a mix of Puffed Rice, Raisin Bran and Guardian with a bit of unsweetened almond milk and a drop of yogurt.


10 thoughts on “Queso Fun

  1. I’ve never had nutritional yeast before! It looks very good and everyone always says it tastes great, so I just might have to!!

    That wrap looks delicious! :)

  2. I see nutritional yeast as a sub for cheese all the time but can never find it anywhere? What section do you usually find it in? I need me some healthy cheeese;)

  3. did you take a wrap class? do those exist? you should teach one, because i am the worst at wraps and thats the best wrap job ive ever seen.

  4. Richelle & Lindzakins – I found it in a big plastic container in the health food section of my grocery store. I’ve also seen it sold in the Bob’s Red Mill bags (http://www.bobsredmill.com/) but only on occasion and it was probably double the price for half the amount I got in the container I bought… I think you can also get it in health food stores.

    Kelly T – Well now I feel pretty darn special. Since I doubt wrap classes actually do exist, I think I should start that up. Could be a profitable business!

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