Welcome Back Peanut Butter

So for all of last week I put myself on peanut butter ban since I felt that I was overindulging to extremes too great for my liking. It wasn’t so much incorporating the peanut butter into meals and snacks, which there is obviously nothing wrong with, but it was the frequently dipping into the jar just for a finger full that was doing me in. So when I feel as though I’ve been having too much of a good thing, I will ban it from my diet for a certain amount of time, always a brief period, but a ban nonetheless. And I ultimately find it effective because once I reintroduce it back, I don’t seem to indulge quite as much. I think I use this little method most often with peanut butter. I only have to resort to it on occasion though. Anyway, it sure is nice to have it back, although I did go for a few jar dips more than I should have. But I figure after not having it for an entire week, one day of a little pb excess won’t hurt. Too much.

I had to incorporate the peanut butter into my breakfast obviously, so I went with some pb&j oatmeal, inspired by Peanut Butter Boy. I used sugar free strawberry rhubarb jam and crunchy pb, which I spread on top cause I thought the flavour might get lost if I mixed it in. I also threw in half a banana.

Lunch was a big salad. Really big. It had red pepper, zucchini, carrot, mushroom, spinach, cabbage slaw, yellow tomato, feta and sweet onion dressing. Loved every bite. Also had a cracker topped with a mix of leftover cottage cheese and salsa.

Then I had some frozen mango chunks with chocolate cherry yogurt. I only ate half of this though and finished the other half after dinner.

In the afternoon my friend and I went for a long walk around the city, nearly three hours, hitting up a few stores along the way. We stopped at one sketchy downtown everything store of sorts called Bargain Bargain Bargain! (don’t you love the name?) and picked up several weird sweets. You know how little lesser known stores sometimes carry foreign sweets and foods and such that you can’t find at regular chains? Yeah well we picked up a bunch of different stuff like wafer cookies and coffee flavoured candies and such. Neat stuff. I love buying random foods like that. I ate a few too many caramelly wafer things that I didn’t take a picture of, but I took a picture of a shortcake jam cookie thing! I actually ate this after dinner but whatever.

Dinner was a veggie dog on rye with half a Kraft FF Single and mustard, some asparagus and a some macaroni and cheese that I mixed salsa into after taking the picture.

I was super full after this dinner. Yet I had a few more sweets anyway. And THEN I decided to make some crap boxed brownies on a whim. I guess I’m craving chocolate today but the good thing about making brownies is that they will have disappeared into my brother’s stomach in a day or two so I don’t have to worry about them hanging around for me to munch on.


7 thoughts on “Welcome Back Peanut Butter

  1. macaroni & cheese w/ salsa… such a good idea!!!

    loving the pb&j combo in your oats :)

    have a great tuesday!

  2. That’s a good strategy about banning things- I’ve just tried cutting back and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. I also like when sweets disappear in my house so they don’t tempt me too long but that hasn’t been the case lately since I’ve made everyone in my house more health conscious. It’s sorta bitter sweet in that way hehe

  3. Ashley – Yeah same with my family, there have been a LOT less sweets and crap food in general in the house since I’ve taken up healthy eating for the past couple years now I guess. It’s nice until I really crave something sweet and there’s nothing around to satisfy it! My family also complains sometimes that there’s nothing good to eat because I always discourage buying junk haha

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