The Weekend

Weekend was pretty good. Involved a few too many late nights out so I’ll probably be a little sleep deprived for the next few days, but nothing a little R&R can’t fix.


For breakfast I opted to have egg whites, which I topped with some salsa, spinach, a little bit of old cheese and a Kraft FF Singles slice. I was going to put it on half an english muffin but I burnt it in the toaster so I decided to put it on a slice of rye instead. I thought it looked kinda neat in the pan, maybe it’s the black ‘backdrop’ thing going on there, so I got two pictures of this messy beauty.

I had lunch at work and I forgot my camera so I didn’t take a picture, but I had a refried bean quesadilla that I prepared in the morning, some zucchini, carrots and tomatoes with balsamic vinaigrette, and some yogurt with wheatberries.

For dinner I had a veggie burger on half an english muffin topped with bruschetta, another cheese slice and spinach. It’s on the left side of the plate but the mini spinach mound is hiding it well. I also had a small piece of chicken and some garlic vegetable pasta topped with feta. I fully enjoyed every meal I ate on Saturday. Score!


Sunday’s breakfast was a stuffed cereal bowl. The bottom layer had frozen banana and berries, the middle had a mix of Kashi Go Lean Crunch, Corn Bran Squares and Guardian cereal, and the top was raspberry yogurt. Once I mixed them all together I also ended up throwing in the last of the wheat berries I had. This breakfast was SO filling and satisfying.

For lunch I opted for a sandwich on a slice of rye with baba ganoush and dijonnaise, leftover chicken from Saturday’s dinner, and roasted red peppers and spinach. Awesome sandwich. I also had about 1/3 cup of FF cottage cheese, finishing off the container. I need to stop having cottage cheese in the house so as not to feed my crazy addiction haha.

Later on in the day I kind of felt like baking and saw this post of Kath’s. I’ve never had a scone before and have been wanting to try making them for a little while now so, since the recipe seemed so simple, I figured this would be the perfect time to try it out.
Unfortunately it ended up being a flop. I have no idea why it didn’t work out but they taste completely bitter, as though there is too much baking soda. Maybe I just didn’t stir well enough but I think I would have to reduce the baking soda next time because you can really taste it. It also said to put them in for 15 minutes but when I checked at 13 they were already overdone. I haven’t thrown them out, I may try them with a couple different toppings and see if they are somewhat edible enough, but so far my impression of scones is pretty low, or at least my impression of my scone-making abilities.

For dinner I had a sweet potato topped with refried beans, salsa and FF sour cream. I also had half a leftover chicken sandwich with baba ganoush and dijonnaise. This chicken sandwich was different chicken than my sandwich from lunch though! Eep. Some of my meals are pretty repetitive this weekend. But I’ve been trying to use up leftovers and such so repetitive meals just tend to happen in these cases.


12 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. So sorry the scones didn’t work!! I have no clue why they might have been overcooked, but if they were bitter, maybe you added a wrong ingredient by mistake!? Give ’em another try!

  2. All of your meals look like they came out of a restaurant- they look amazing! Too bad the scones didn’t taste good, because they look fabulous

  3. aw that stinks about the scones…that kind of stuff has happened to me when baking and i usually mixed up some measurements or just tried to go at it alone without a recipe and failed miserably.

    i dont cook much.

  4. Kath – It’s definitely possible, I’m going to give the recipe another look over and see where I could have made my mistake. And then I’ll probably give it another go and hope for the best!

    Chandra – Seriously, I’ve been eating SO much yogurt lately, it’s crazy! Maybe the warm weather makes the cool yogurt cravings kick in.

    ChocolateCoveredVegan – Mmm tofu instead of egg? That sounds like it’d be super good, I’ll have to try that sometime!

    Kelly T – Brave of you to even try going at it alone without a recipe, I don’t have the guts to tackle food creations blindly like that just yet.

  5. You are SO healthful I love it! All of the green and red and freshness! You’re doing SUCH an amazing job with eating intuitively and are satisfying exactly what you are craving! Bravo Budster :) Everyone of us could do more of listening to our body’s cravings more… Clearly, using your lovely blog as a prime example!

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