Random Eats…

I started off the morning with a double breakfast of sorts. I had a tiny bit of cherry yogurt left in the large container so I finished it off with a small handful of Corn Bran and some green tea.

Then I made my actual breakfast, which wasn’t incredibly different from the first breakfast starter. It was a bigger bowl of yogurt with frozen banana chunks, wheat berries and a bit of Fiber One cereal with a mug of a coffee/light hot chocolate mix. I also had a handful of grapes. This breakfast was SUPER filling and kept me full for hours. I wasn’t able to eat anything else for about six hours after consuming this and yet I was only relatively hungry by the time I was able to eat the snacks I packed myself. The snacks were an apple and 3/4 of an energy bar but I didn’t take a picture of either.

By the time I got home it was basically dinner time and I had planned on making myself a veggie burger but I was starving so I figured I would have a quick snack of some cottage cheese. Well, cottage cheese never ends up being a few bites for me since I made the mistake of eating straight out of the container. I just opened this container:

Whoops. So THAT became my dinner. I was quite filled up after this. But I figured I could use a little more balance and since I didn’t get veggies in at any other point today, I decided to make myself a salad dressed with dijonnaise and balsamic vinegar.

Post dinner I wasn’t overly hungry but craving sweets, so even though I knew this isn’t what I wanted, I decided to make a small bowl of Guardian cereal, frozen banana, almond milk and vanilla yogurt. One of my favourite snacks and it tasted really good but the craving wanted REAL sweets.

So after that I had a bite of a cookie, a few chocolate chips, and a few thin ginger cookie things with vanilla ice cream. Oh sigh. I should have just had one good indulgence to begin with rather than trying to squash that craving with inadequate substitutes… maybe next time!


10 thoughts on “Random Eats…

  1. dont beat yourself up over it! sometimes we need some treats…. im with ya on that one lately… i feel a craving and try to suppress it.. then find myself noshing on chocolate chips, or having just a “scoup” of ice cream… its never a scoup.. DANM IT!

  2. i do the same thing! i have been trying to just give in to whatever indulgence i had (provided I got in some activity/workout for the day) because in the long run, you wind up eating it eventually and then some ;)

  3. Cottage cheese was your lunch AND dinner… perhaps something more substantial would squash your urge to night binge on sweets :x

  4. Observer – Yep, I completely see your point. But it was just one of those moments where I was full from the cottage cheese so I didn’t want any more actual food, but still wanted something sweet. So I decided to just try to satisfy that rather than eating more actual food of substance that I wasn’t feeling for anyway. For future though, yes, I should probably avoid over-eating cottage cheese to the point of being too full from it to eat an actual meal haha.

  5. I know what you mean about indulging. Balance is key :) and remember if you are going to have treats, make sure you enjoy it and it’s worth it… that was my mantra this weekend, lol. Hope you had a good one!

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