Since I’ve missed updating for the past two days I’ll do a quick double post today, starting with today’s foods. Can you feel the excitement?! It’s looking like I ate a lot of repetitive foods today…

Breakfast was OAT BRAN for the first time! I am much impressed by not only the taste, but also how much a little bit of that stuff bulks up! I had it with wheat berries and cherry yogurt.

Lunch was a bowl of shredded cabbage topped with refried beans, salsa and sour cream, and a bowl of veggies with sweet onion dressing and cottage cheese.

I also had a bowl of lemon meringue yogurt with a bit of sugar free strawberry jam and wheat berries stirred in. LOVE the wheat berries in the yogurt, the chew is so much fun, to the point where my jaw was actually getting sore towards the end of the bowl because of all the chewy goodness.

Dinner was a bunch of random stuff, including a couple crackers with cheese, a few pieces of chicken and a small piece of a veggie dog with dijon mustard, and a quesadilla filled with refried beans, salsa, tomato, spinach and guacamole. Plus a side of cabbage with sweet onion dressing and feta cheese.

Then I had a small apple heated with cinnamon and topped with cherry yogurt and wheat berries.

Clearly yogurt, wheat berries and refried beans were quite the frequent players in today’s meals.


I had a bowl of oatmeal with banana, wheat berries and yogurt. Nothing super special but still tasty all the same.

I had my first day as a helper of sorts at my university’s next year students’ course picking help day thingamajig so lunch was provided there. I didn’t take a picture but it was just a small ham sub. I brought food along with me (an apple and an energy bar) but I didn’t want to be the lameo who was eating the self-brought healthier food of sorts, especially since I didn’t really know anyone there, and I figured a sub was decently safe. Although it did have mayo and cheese I think. But it was pretty small so I wasn’t really going to get in a tizzy over something like that. Honestly though, I didn’t even enjoy it that much. I guess I’m not much of a ham sandwich fan anymore.

Dinner was the leftover half of my grilled veggie wrap from yesterday as well as the leftover half of my homemade quesadilla from two days ago. Both were cold and mushy and yummy. I really like mushy leftovers like that, I know, gross right? Haha. Plus some zucchnini and carrots afterwards for a veggie boost.

And I finished it all off with a mini smoothie of sorts that just had a container of rasberry yogurt and some frozen banana and mango chunks. Oh, and I later threw in some Corn Bran Squares as well.

Now I think I’m soon going to head off to bed!


7 thoughts on “Backlog

  1. MizFit – I found this explanation on a website: “Wheat berries are whole wheat kernels with the bran and germ intact. They have the same nutrients as wheat and a wonderful chewy texture. Serve hot or cold, with fresh herbs and enough vinaigrette to moisten. Try them as a substitute for rice or barley in a grain salad.”
    I found them at the store labelled as Wheat Kernels. They are awesome :D

  2. The yogurt look SO. GOOD. I really must try and find wheat berries at the grocery store!

    Haha~I love your random dinner XD Reminds me of my own random dinners–composed of pretty much every possible thing I have in my fridge :-P The quesadilla sounds delicious!

    I’m glad you find mushy leftovers to be good as well! Everyone I talk to think I’m nuts!

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