It’s a Wrap

I was supposed to go out with my friend for sushi tonight but when I picked her up she had decided she didn’t feel for sushi anymore and instead wanted to go to Symposium, a cafe restaurant of sorts. Now I like Symposium but I’m not a huge fan of going there for dinner because I’m never quite sure what to order. There are some decently healthy choices but eating out in general sometimes causes me worries when I am not overly familiar with the dishes or do not have online nutritional information to refer to. I know that’s somewhat lame but I like to make informed meal decisions.

Anyway, I was going to be super safe and just get a greek salad with the dressing on the side, but I got that last time I had dinner there and it was not filling at all so I decided I would go for the grilled veggie wrap. Verdict? Good choice. I was a bunch of grilled veggies in a spinach wrap with baba ghanoush. I asked for it without cheese. It also came with a green side salad, which I got with a vinaigrette dressing on the side. I didn’t take any pictures in the restaurant but I DID take a picture of the other half of the wrap that I brought home. I would definitely order this again.

The main reason I only ate half was because I knew my friend would be ordering one of the delicious desserts they have, as she always does, and there is no way I can sit there and not share it with her. She got some kind of praline cheesecake of sorts. I probably had about a third of the piece. I really should have snapped a shot of it, it was quite the beauty. Ah well, maybe next time.


7 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap

  1. that does look good and I know what you mean about liking to look up nutritional information first. That way I know even if it’s loaded with calories I should stop halfway or what not. But you made a good choice it looks like and the dessert sounds delicious too!

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