Wheat berries!

I finally got my hand on some wheat berries! I managed to find them at a small bulk baking product store. I soaked them basically all day/night yesterday and cooked them up this morning while making my oatmeal. I wanted to shove some of them in the oatmeal but I was hungry and didn’t feel like waiting for them to cook so I decided I would just put them in some oatmeal tomorrow maybe. I did make a nice wheat berry salad though. I got the recipe here. It’s actually a wheat berry and white bean salad, which was perfect because I’ve had a can of white beans in the cupboard for a while now that I’ve been wanting to use in a recipe. I kind of wish I had looked harder for one with less oil but it sure tasted darn good. I halved the recipe though, just in case I wasn’t a fan. I’ll definitely be on the search for more wheat berry recipes now that I have a big bag of them.

In this morning’s oatmeal I stirred in some cinnamon, pumpkin, banana and lemon meringue oatmeal. Not exactly gorgeous but it was pretty darn tasty.

Lunch was a bowl of cut up veggies with light balsamic vinaigrette and some cottage cheese. And of course I had to have some of the wheat berry white bean salad. You can’t see the wheat berries that well but they are in there, I swear!

After eating this I had a few salsa rice cracker things with homemade guacamole which is now starting to brown :(, plus a bit more cottage cheese. And by a bit I actually mean a lot. It’s a scary addiction of mine, I could practically live off of cottage cheese.
Now I am stuffed.


4 thoughts on “Wheat berries!

  1. Ahh, the infamous wheatberries have made their way into YOUR kitchen now – fabulous! :0)

    Your oatmeal looks particularly enticing – yum! Nice and filling.

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