Cupboard Cleanup

Today I spent a good chunk of time reorganizing cupboards! Specifically kitchen cupboards, more specifically the pantry and baking/spice cupboard. One of my favourite things to do is to organize/clean things, no joke. I’m always looking in fridge and/or cupboards, just HOPING they will be messy enough to tackle. I was in luck today, as it’s been a while now since I’ve done the cupboards. So now all the cupboards are nice and clean. :)

For Breakfast I had a BIG bowl of mixed cereal, yogurt and fruit.
Cereals=Raisin Bran, Puffed Wheat, Corn Bran Squares and a bit of Honey Granola
Fruit = apple, frozen banana and frozen raspberries
Dairy = vanilla yogurt and almond milk
I’m pretty much crazy about big mixed bowls of cereal muck. Deeeelish.

You can somewhat see the fruity yogurty bottom in the second picture.

And then of course once it’s all mixed up into a big pile of less appealing yet considerably more fun bowl of mush.

Unfortunately I find that cereal doesn’t fill me up for that long. Although I did eat considerably earlier this morning seeing as I woke up considerably earlier because I couldn’t sleep anymore for some reason. Anyway, so I started to make a salad for my lunch fairly early. But in the process I finished off the last of a container of white bean and parmesan dip with some carrots, mushrooms and crackers, and that managed to curb my hunger so I shoved the salad in the fridge for later one and didn’t end up going back to it until several hours later.

In between the snacking and the salad I also made some homemade guacamole for the first time ever using the one very ripe avocado we had. It was so simple to make and SO good. I had a little taste on a small piece of bread and then decided to save it for my dinner.

I also attempted to make some almond butter with some leftover fairly stale almonds that we’ve had in the cupboard forever that I rediscovered while reorganizing. It didn’t turn out so well, the consistency is weird and the taste is not overly impressive, but then again I was using stale almonds and the only other things I added were a teeny bit of water and a small touch of light margarine to try to get it to stop being powdery. So next time I guess I should approach it a little differently… I’ll probably use up the small amount I made anyway though, it might taste good with some jam on toast or something along those lines. I didn’t even bother to photograph it because it was such a small amount and didn’t look all that pretty…

I was excited to try that fresh guacamole so I decided to have a quesadilla of sorts for Dinner. The insides included refried beans, salsa, and cooked peppers, spinach and garlic. I heated it all in a pan and then topped it later with the guacamole. I only ended up eating half of this though, as I was feeding myself a few spoons full of refried beans in the process of the dinner making and thus ended up slightly less hungry by the time my dinner was all ready to be eaten. I’m excited to eat the other leftover half tomorrow ;).
And that brownish mound on my plate is a taste of my family’s dinner, a taco bake. It’s essentially just beef and cheese between layers of tortilla. SUPER unhealthy and I slightly regret having any at all, most especially since I try my best not to eat beef, but I am a sucker for fake melty cheesy crap as a rare indulgence, so I figured a taste wouldn’t do too much damage.

My mouth was craving sweets after but my stomach wasn’t, so even though I mixed myself up a bowl of cherry yogurt with frozen mango and raspberries, I only ended up eating half of it. Then I dug into the leftover cookies from the gigantic batch I made yesterday and pulled off a piece of one. I did this a few times today, so I probably ended up consuming the equivalent of a couple cookies overall. Whooops. So much for being sick of cookies.


7 thoughts on “Cupboard Cleanup

  1. i got excited about the organizing at the beginning too! good eats :)

    *my aunt’s dressing. the beauty of it is in its simplicity: 1 part evoo to 2 part aged balsamic vinegar, sprinkle of garlic powder, salt & black pepper to taste. i’ve tried to copy it but it’s never quite the same, she makes it directly into the salad & in her magic wooden bowl. good luck ;)

  2. Your big cereal mixture looks so tasty right now! I love it when different types of cereal are all mixed up because you end up getting a different bite each time, too bad we only have frosted flakes =/ haha

  3. Organizing cupboards IS a lot of fun! Oddly enough, I don’t feel the same way about organizing my room :p
    I LOVE your cereal mix! So colorful and pretty~you make me want to go out and buy ten boxes of different kinds so I could mix them up too! XD I could eat cereal all day
    Too bad about the almond butter! Better luck next time :)

  4. You crack me up, especially this line “I am a sucker for fake melty cheesy crap.” haha, I think most of us are though, and you only had a tiny bit so don’t feel bad.
    I like organizing other people’s cabinets and stuff, but when it comes to my own I don’t for some reason. I wish I did though. Glad your guac turned out good!

  5. Danielle – Thanks for the recipe! It sounds so lovely and simple, i’ll have to give it a try! Although if only I had your aunt’s magic touch to make it perfect… sigh. Haha.

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