Doughed Out

Allow me to apologize in advance of the rest of this post for the serious lack of food photographs from this weekend. Weekends always seem to end up all over the place for me and I never seem to end up taking pictures for many of the meals. The extent that I managed to photograph from this weekend includes today’s breakfast as well as a large wack of cookies that i’ll elaborate on in just a second.

Breakfast today was a bowl of mixed cereal (Raisin Bran, Puffed Wheat, Corn Bran Squares) with almond milk, yogurt, blueberries and frozen banana slices. The flower was my mother’s fine touch, as she insisted it sit on the side of my bowl well I snapped a shot. Thanks mom… ehem.

A had a snack/lunch of sorts after grocery shopping that involved some rice crackers with white bean dip, red pepper, tomatoes, a small piece of bread with bruschetta and a few bites of cottage cheese. All eaten quickly and just grabbed out of their respective boxes, containers etc so there was no structure or presentation to them worthy of a photo. That and the fact that I forgot about snapping a pic anyway.

Shortly after that, I started whipping up batch after batch of delicious yet not even moderately healthy chocolate chip cookies for my mom, as she is planning on bringing them to work tomorrow to give to the kids for some book awards thing (she works at an elementary school). I made four batches in total, which took a few hours and made nearly 200 cookies. Ugh, SO many cookies. But an even bigger UGH: Sooooo much dough. I consumed my weight in cookie dough at least. Yeah. I have no willpower, especially against cookie dough. And it had some butterscotch chips in it as well, so that really screwed me over. Whoops. My stomach is giving me quite the stern talking to right now. I never want to see another cookie again. Well, at least not for a day or two…
Needless to say, I do not plan on eating anything else for the remainder of the day. Or if I get hungry before going out tonight, the extent of my eating will be a salad. Nothing more. Oh boy.


8 thoughts on “Doughed Out

  1. haha whnever i make cookies i feel like I eat more of the batter than the actual cookies..
    I made oatmeal cookies the other night… theyre almost all gone… EEK!

    They look fantastic though :)

  2. I know the feeling of never wanting to eat another cookie again.. but then it returns within a few hours :P The flower was an excellent touch, so kudos to your mom hehe

  3. Vegan on Stage – I’d say I definitely do the same thing. I could probably get a lot more cookies out of a batch if I didn’t each so much before they reached the oven! Haha.

    Ashley – SO true. I had a couple bites of a cookie later on in the night. No resistance haha

    Cassie – I used some random recipe that we’ve had forever, I have no idea where my mom got it but I think from a friend back in the day or something. It’s pretty basic, just lots of butter, flour, sugar, eggs… you know, the works. Yikes.

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