Hair Refresher

My excitement for the day thus far was my hair appointment! I didn’t get anything completely drastic done to my hair, just mainly a lot of highlights since my hair was pretty grossly blah coloured and grown out, so I figured now was a good time to blonde it up some more with summer coming. It is quite bright right now but I think it’ll fade a bit after a couple washes. I also just got a small trim, so nothing really different on the cut front.

I didn’t update any more for yesterday’s foods because I ended up spending the day out and about with a friend on a last minute decision and didn’t have my camera with me. Not that I probably would have taken pictures anyway since I was out and am not exactly comfortable doing so…haha. Lunch though was eaten at a place that offered an all you can eat salad bar which made me super excited! They had lots of different veggies and such to choose from, but unfortunately I splurged a little more than I should by trying a teeny bit of most of the different pasta salads etc that they offered. Ooops. Then for dinner I just had an order of glazed carrots and an iced coffee at the mall. But when I came home I overindulged in the sweets a bit. oh well, I later went for a long walk with a friend so that took a bit of the weighted-down feeling off!

As for TODAY for breakfast I had a bowl of crushed up Raisin Bran (bottom of the bag stuff) with some almond milk, yogurt, mango and raspberries. A nice bowl of yummy mush was just what I was craving so this worked out pretty perfectly.

While making lunch I finished off a little bit of pasta that was left in the fridge…

…then made up a bowl of chopped veggies with sweet onion dressing and some crumbled feta.

I also had a cream cracker with white bean parmesan dip that I didn’t photograph.
For my post lunch dessert I had a Deep Chocolate Vitamuffin.

I ended up breaking it up and attempting to spread it with about a tsp of white chocolate pb but it was pretty crumbly so I wasn’t too successful in that attempt.

On another note, I was tagged by Kate from You Can Win Friends With Salad
Since it would seem as though many people have been tagged at this point and I’d probably just end up double tagging, I won’t bother tagging anyone else and just instead leave you with 5 random facts. If anyone opposes to my non-tagging or would love nothing more than for me to tag them, just holler at me and I’d be quite willing to do so  ;)

SO some facts:
1. One of my all-time favourite things to do, as I’m pretty sure I mentioned in my last post, is to go out dancing. I could probably dance every night of the week. Give me any kind of music and I’ll boogie down to it, although I really dig them gangsta beats if you know what I mean. And I guess all my crazy nights out pay off because I’ve been told several times that I’m quite the good dancer. Must be the horse-strength leg muscles that do the trick.

2. I also love to go for epic night missions with friends, walking all over the city for hours on end, making random stops off at any 24 hour store that happens to be along the way and picking up random goodies and coffees. I do this often multiple times a week, or at least lately I have been.

3. I work (only on Saturdays though…) at my dad’s motorcycle shop doing basically all of his bookkeeping/accounting. Even so I have never ridden a motorcycle nor do I really want to. Although I have ridden on the back of one once. And I’ve also ridden an ATV. Now THAT is a heck of a lot of fun.

4. I took french immersion in high school and graduated as technically ‘bilingual’. So I am capable of speaking french but I haven’t done it in a while and I’m pretty rusty. I can also speak a teeny bit of spanish. Okay, that’s probably a stretch. I can say the alphabet and that’s about it.

5. I love it when people pick me up, although I don’t really know why. I guess it makes me feel small and portable and for some reason that’s pretty fun.


14 thoughts on “Hair Refresher

  1. I love the bottom of the box of cereal!! Something about it is just exciting to me.

    That is SO cool you were in French Immersion!! I was in French Immersion and I got one of those “bilingual certificates”, but I’m not very fond of the language so I haven’t used it.

  2. Haha your “small and portable” comment made me laugh.

    I am the opposite of you– I know Spanish, but can pretty much only count and say a few words in French.

    And dancing rocks my world! (Well, the clubbing type– as for real dancing, like the cha cha or fox trot– I’m lousy at that, sadly.)

  3. Glad to hear i’m not the only crazy dancing obsesser around!

    Romina – Yeah I know what you mean about not using the french, I rarely ever even get the chance to use it really. I probably would if there were opportunities, once in a while I’ll say some random words in french haha, but there really aren’t many chances for me to randomly pull out the french words.

    ChocolateCoveredVegan – I’m definitely a fan of the clubbing type as well. I don’t think I could do any kind of real fancy styled dancing to save my life.

  4. Those are some cool facts! After my year abroad I’m hoping to be fluent in Spanish & French… we’ll see how that goes ;)

    I know what you mean about tagging people, I did mine this morning and I still double-tagged. Haha, oh well, at least you were smart about it

  5. Yum, I really need to find me some white chocolate pb!

    I took French all throughout high school because I really wanted to travel to Montreal and speak the language. Hopefully you still remember more than me because most of it has completely dropped outta my head!

    & your #5 fact is just too cute!!

  6. That muffin looks really good! Your small and portable comment made me laugh too hehe. And I know what you mean about taking pictures of your food in public. Yesterday was the first time I did it and I got some pretty weird looks, mostly by the waiter who already thought I was insane for how I ordered :-P

  7. god I love going out dancing!!! its so much fun to just let lose with your friends :)

    I love getting my hair cut.. although when Im there I always get nervous that its going to end up too short!!!

    (would you mind if I put you on my blog roll??)

  8. Lindzakins – I bought that vitamuffin, the frozen ones. I’ve never tried the bake yourself ones before. Although come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve even seen the mix around before either!

    Vegan on stage – I’m always pretty nervous about getting my hair cut too! Although my hair dresser is pretty good about only cutting a little off when I say I just want a trim.
    And I would love to be on your blog roll, i’ll be sure to add you to mine as well!

  9. Look in your mailbox, because I am going to send you your very own box of chocolate-covered bees. Now, they are slightly high in calories, but their exquisite taste is worth the indulgence ;o)

    The REAL question is: Do you want a box of only bees, or would you like some chocolate-covered butterflies mixed in? I, myself, am partial to the butterflies…

  10. ChocolateCoveredVegan – Oh please include the butterflies too, those sound especially delicious! Maybe even moreso than the bees, although that hardly seems possible… ;)

  11. Ashley – I found them in the freezer of the health food section of Shoppers Drug Mart. I think you can usually find them in grocery store freezer aisles if the store carries them!

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