Swimming Struggles

So I thought I was in decent shape… definitely not great, amazing shape but decent… until I went lane swimming tonight with a friend. Ouch. I was literally worn out after one lap. Not worn out to the point of quitting, but I had not anticipated it being quite so tiring. I know swimming is a completely different ball game than any other activity out there so even the fittest of people can struggle with it if they aren’t used to it, but is it ever discouraging! We didn’t end up spending that long there anyway, my friend wasn’t in a hardcore swimming mood and I clearly could only take so much. I’m glad I did it though and would love to start going more often to actually try to build up some kind of swimming endurance… yikes.

But ANYWAY, onto the rest of the day’s food!
For Lunch I had a bowl of veggies along with a small piece of rye bread topped with white bean and parmesan spread and bruschetta. YUM.

I also had a small piece of cake because, well, it’s still sitting in the fridge and calling out to me seductively every time I get near it. And I just can’t seem to resist… luckily it’s almost gone now, my brother ate about half the remainders after dinner tonight, woo! I must admit too, I ate a few more bites than what is on the plate. I tried to portion it out but I’m just so darn bad at that.

Before dinner I was really hungry so I snacked on some rice crackers with salsa as well as some cottage cheese and half a red pepper.
My Dinner was some leftover whole wheat macaroni that I had in the fridge. I added in some heated spinach, salsa, and a super processed, unhealthy cheese mixture of light Cheez Whiz and light cream cheese. Yeah, I could have dressed it a little better but I LOVE macaroni topped with that cheesy goodness so I figured I would splurge. And it was well worth it. I also later added into my dish some plain egg noodles from the dinner my mom and brother had (Sausages and egg noodles with gravy… ugh. Precisely why I made a separate dinner for myself).

Post dinner was a bowl of fruit – banana, strawberries and mango – with vanilla yogurt and Shreddies. One of my staple go-to foods when I want something sweet and filling yet relatively healthy. And it always satisfies! I could live off yogurt, seriously.

After my swimming struggles, my friend and I made a trip to Shoppers Drug Mart and hit up some of their sale items. They had big boxes of Corn Bran on sale for less than half price and I’ve been having this crazy Corn Bran craving for a little while so I decided to hit up that deal. Once home I poured myself a small bowl with unsweetened almond milk and a bit of Splenda. I wasn’t really hungry when I ate this but I really wanted to have a bowl and I knew it would play on my mind until I did, so I gave in figuring it wasn’t exactly the worst indulgence I could make!


13 thoughts on “Swimming Struggles

  1. UGH I always go into Shoppers to get just like a jug of milk or cough drops but because of their sales I come out with so much more! I have a love/hate relationship with Shoppers.. :S

  2. I hate that feeling. I definitely need to get out and swim more. Keep it up though! You’ll be back in shape for 25 laps in no time!

  3. It’s tough to be in shape and still feel so uncomfortable but that’s what happens with new things. You’ll get there, practice makes perfect :) chin up, you can eat yummy food in the mean time :)

  4. Be sure to take things slow with the swimming at first, since you’re just now getting into it – hang in there, and enjoy it! It’s great exercise :0)

  5. Richelle – I agree about the Shopper’s love/hate thing. That place can be hard on the wallet! And I’m from Ontario! Not quite as exciting as BC, as I see you are from there. That must be lovely!

    And thanks everyone else for the encouragement, I’ll definitely try to work slowly to improve my swimming skills!

  6. I know what you mean about swimming – it’s hard work! I hope to work on that this summer :)

    That cake looks so yummy!! I’ve never tried Corn Bran though – what brand is it?

  7. Corn Bran is one of my absolute favorite things to eat in the world! And they’re super low in calories! Thanks for reminding me about them – haven’t had ’em in a while!

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