Clean Out

My Breakfast this morning was mainly me finishing up a couple remainders in the fridge. I finished my last bit of baked oatmeal, which was maybe half a slice, and topped that with a mixture of white chocolate pb and sugar free maple syrup. Oh my gosh I LOVE this combination. I added the remainder of the mixture over top of a few slices of banana. I also had a small pumpkin smoothie which was just pumpkin, cinnamon, the rest of a container of vanilla yogurt and a splash of almond milk.

I also decided to finish up the rest of the banana I had cut from, so I took a bit of that and then decided to mash it up and throw it into the rest of my pumpkin smoothie. It gave it a nice thickness.

This photo is obviously pre-mashup. Upon finishing all of this I dug into the Kashi Honey Almond Flax box for just a few small bites of crunch that I was craving, since my breakfast consisted of all smooth-textured foods.


7 thoughts on “Clean Out

  1. HEY! thanks for the post… its nice to hear comforting words from people.. even if we’ve never met!!

    your blog is beautiful :) i’m def comming back to check it out again

  2. those kind of meals are always the most interesting :)

    do you feel as though baked oatmeal holds you as long as a regular bowl of hot oats? i think it’s the difference in serving size that throws me off. i’m thinking of trying it though… thanks!

  3. breakfast looks good! I def. have to try that baked oatmeal. Everyone seems to be having it. At first when I saw your post I thought you were having some sort of steak with chips on the side covered in sauce. haha.

    Kashi cereals are perfect to dig into. ;-)

  4. Danielle – I didn’t really monitor too closely how much the baked oatmeal held me over but I’m pretty sure it was more or less the same as a bowl of oatmeal. I didn’t find I was overly hungry any earlier than when having oatmeal I don’t think. I’ll have to pay more attention next time I make the bakedd oatmeal though!

    Long – Haha, I can definitely see how that would look like steak at first glance!

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