Long Weekend Lovin

Normal weekends are already all over the place for me, or so it would seem, so throw a long weekend at me and you get a supreme lack of structure and diligence when it comes to the eats and photographs of such eats. I captured a few of the bites from Thursday and a few others from Friday but not all of them, and I forget the things that I didn’t eat. I also didn’t manage to photograph any of the things that were consumed Saturday or today, other than the pictures that I took of the chocolate cake I made for my mother for her birthday today. Which are on another camera which is not near me and therefore they are not downloaded onto the computer and therefore will not be in this post. Maybe in another one if I remember to do so later on :)

So anyway, I’ll just throw the pictures I did manage to get over the course of the weekend up here. Starting… NOW. With Thursday.

Lunch outside on a lovely day. Got a nice bit of tanning going on that day.
Plus some pumpkin and yogurt with raisins and crushed cereal for something sweet.

Then for dinner I was feeling macaroni, so I cooked some of that up with a randomly mixed cheesy type sauce that I threw some stuff into, plus some spinach and diced tomatoes. And a small leafy salad on the side.

Plus a few bites of yogurt with Guardian cereal and frozen banana chunks mixed in. Love this combo.

And onto a few of the FRIDAY bites:
Which started off with coffee and a bowl of mixed fruit topped with yogurt…

Continued with a nice bowl of crunchy salad with avocado and some cottage cheese + a bowl of cereal-topped pumpkin yogurt….

And that’s as far as I got for Friday’s food. Saturday is a completely blank to me food-wise.
And today involved mainly light snacking and lack of structured meals until dinner time where my mother, brother and I went out for all-you-can-eat sushi for my mom’s birthday. I managed to eat a relatively good amount though and did not leave feeling absolutely stuffed, so I had room for the chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting that I slaved over all day. And by all day I mean for about half an hour. It was quite tasty, but I imagine it will be even better tomorrow, as I find cakes often tend to do. Which is slightly problematic since I have this weakness of picking at leftover cake… a lot. Maybe I’ll try practicing some mental tricks where I try to convince myself that the lovely cucumbers or carrots in the fridge taste just as good, if not better than the cake and therefore want to eat them instead… ha. Yeah right.


5 thoughts on “Long Weekend Lovin

  1. lol, haha that is my weakness too… veggies or cake? :)

    i am loving your avocado salad! i’ve been having such a craving for that lately, i need to buy avocadoes!

  2. hahaha :) good luck with that! sometimes i make a deal with myself that if i will serve a bit of dessert as long as i triple my veggie count. it totally works and i never have to worry about going overboard with my homemade desserts bc i’m simply not hungry enough!

  3. Lindakins – I have to go and buy some avocadoes now too, I’m all out and I’m missing them!

    Danielle – I’ll have to try that veggie trick, I think it just might work for me!

    VeggieGirl – I think ‘al fresco’ is probably one of the most lovely ways to dine. I wish the weather were nicer here today so I could be doing so right now, but sadly it’s cloudy and chilly today. :(

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