Early Morning Hunger

Last night I slept over at a friend’s house and we woke up bright and early, earlier than I have in a while or so it seems, because she had to babysit this morning. Usually when I wake up it takes me a short while before feeling hungry but I was already feeling hungry as soon as I woke up today and once I got home I was starving. That might have had something to do with the fact that I went to bed feeling just a tiny bit hungry, but I still find it a little weird. And it’s not really that great for the rest of my day because since I ate breakfast so early, I’m already quite hungry right now hardly an hour later, and I’ll end up eating lunch early, and then probably end up eating more throughout the day overall. Oh well though, i’ll just have to structure my meals and snacks a little better today!

My massive hunger was calling for oatmeal this morning so that’s just what I had. While making it I snacked on a bit of pineapple and a couple strawberries.
I made the oatmeal with 1/3 cup of rolled oats, about 1/4 cup of pumpkin, some cinnamon, a few slices of banana and almost 1/2 cup of apple crumble yogurt. YUM. It was super creamy and delicious. I also topped it with a bit of Kashi Honey Almond Flax.

Even with this fairly packed bowl of oatmeal and a big hot cup of tea, my hunger doesn’t seem to be fully curbed though. We’ll see how long I can hold off until giving in to the empty feelings. I’m going to do a workout first so that should help!


11 thoughts on “Early Morning Hunger

  1. I totally know what you mean about eating earlier – it’s hard not to have an extra meal or snack! But I think it balances out because you were awake and burning energy longer than usual. At least that’s what I tell myself ;)

  2. Your workout should definitely help with the hunger; and remember, it takes time for your brain to register that you’re full, so just wait it out for a bit :0)

  3. yum that oatmeal combination sounds fantastic… i never thought to put go lean CRUNCH in it, i always just use the go lean… i can’t trust myself around the crunch ;)

  4. Jenn – I like that theory, thanks for it! I’ll be using it all the time now ;)

    VeggieGirl – You’re right, I got through my workout just fine and was able to hold off without eating anything until lunch time without starving!

    lindzakins – I hear ya, I try to avoid buying the crunch most of the time and only get it on occasion because I ALWAYS end up snacking on it right out of the box!

  5. It usually takes me a while to work up an appetite also. Since I have such big dinners, I have to wait 1 to 2 hours before I can actually eat anything for breakfast. Other mornings where I didn’t eat as much the night before, I would famished the moment I would open my eyes. Completely understand what you mean, but just remember that it’s not necessarily a bad thing when your body is hungry. It may sound weird, but your body needs energy(food) to lose weight/gain muscle.

    P.S. Love your bright pictures! :-)

  6. I totally agree. I actually like waking up hungry and enjoying my breakfast as it satiates me :).
    P.S. You’re on my new blogroll, hope that’s okay!

  7. i love waking up really hungry. I usually eat really late at night so im still kinda full in the morning and kind of force myself to eat breakfast. But when im hugry its way more satisfying.

  8. You guys are right, it is MUCH nicer to be hungry once breakfast comes around. It’s so much more enjoyable to eat it when you’re hungry rather than forcing yourself when you’re not.

    Danielle – Of course, added you back!

    Melissa – It’s one of the Yoplait Source flavours, but being in Canada, there seems to be different yogurt selection here so you may not be able to find it, as weird as that is that yogurt flavours vary from country to country!

  9. It’s definitely easier to eat when you’re hungry! I usually sit in bed waiting for my hunger to come after about 30 minutes, then just the thought of yummy oatmeal gets me right out of bed.

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