Drizzly Wednesday

It’s one of those gloom rain stay-in-the-house days today. But I kinda like it, these are the days where I feel like accomplishing things around the house. Mainly cleaning, so I think I might do a bit of a room clean, considering my room really needs it… yikes.

For Breakfast this morning I had some of the leftover baked oatmeal from yesterday along with a handful of grapes. Today I drizzled a pb and maple mixture on topm, which added so much taste greatness to this lovely little meal.

I’m trying to get away from the junk food eating I’ve been doing a bit of lately, so although I unfortunately succumed to the persuasive callings of a few brownie chunks out of the Cookie Dough Brownie Bits ice cream in the freezer post breakfast consumption, I’m going to do my best to keep that as my only nutritionally devoid food for the day, and satisfy any other sweet cravings with things that actually offer me some sort of benefit nutrition-wise.

Lunch was a nice big vegetable salad. Two actually! The first was a variety of cut up veggies along with a bit of avocado and topped with one of my favourite fat free sour cream/dijonnaise/balsamic vinegar dressigs. The second was a small bowl of shredded cabbage with a bit of sweet onion dressing and the rest of my favourite greek feta, which I wanted to finish up. I could have added it to the first salad bowl, but my favourite way to eat it is with the coleslaw and sweet onion dressing so I decided to have a separate bowl just for that instead.

I ended the lunch off with a bowl of vanilla yogurt mixed with frozen banana chunks and frozen berries. I love this combo.

I also had a couple small handfuls of Raisin Bran after that… I guess I was craving for crunchy carbs. That or cereal, which I seem to crave a lot. Not exactly the best choice ever but I like to think it’s better than having cracked out the ice cream again or perhaps the cookie bag! Resist, resist!


7 thoughts on “Drizzly Wednesday

  1. i love your pb/maple mixture you put on top of the baked oatmeal… i’ve only ever put pb on mine… i’ll have to try it :)

  2. Same kind of day here – lots of storms :0(

    Lindsay took the words right out of my mouth/keyboard – that peanut-butter-maple topping sounds TERRIFIC on top of the baked oatmeal! Yum!

  3. Is it weird that I am craving baked oatmeal now (after reading your post) even though it is 7 at night? I may just have to make some now… breakfast food is good any time of the day!

    Oh, and thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll :o). I am adding your great site to mine as well!

  4. thanks for posting on my blog! :) made my day, trying to get people over there, haha!
    Your dishware is adorable!
    I made kath’s banana baked oatmeal last week and it was AMAZING – but didn’t fill me up for all that long unfortunatly :( when I’m working I need breakfasts that keep me going for 3.5-4+ hours

  5. ChocolateCoveredVegan – No prob for the add, I love reading your blog!

    artofgoodhealth – Haha not a problem, I’m glad to have another new blog to read and I plan to keep reading regularly!
    I understand the whole needing to have breakfasts that fill for a while, so unless you ate the whole baked oatmeal dish I wouldn’t imagine it would hold you over long enough, which is too bad!

  6. I’ve never thought of doing yogurt and FROZEN berries or banana – great idea. Normally I thaw out just frozen strawberries and it’s good, but this would make it seem more decadent I think!!

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