Veggieful Eatings

I’ve been wanting something with avocado for a few days now and the one I have was perfectly ripe so I decided to make a wrap for LUNCH with avocado, salsa, dijonnaise, spinach, and tomatoes.

Here’s the open-faced shot:

And the sealed and cut in half shot, once being eaten outside in the lovely warm sun.

Along with that I had one small zucchini and a small tomato cut up and mixed with dijon mustard and balsamic vinegar.

DINNER ended up being a big bowl of cut of vegetables with a mix of dijonnaise, balsamic vinegar and light cucumber dressing. I also had a small piece of chicken on the side that I didn’t photograph and a few leftover roasted potatoes with light french onion dressing that I did photograph.

This was pretty filling but the post dinner sweet tooth was a kickin’. I was going to just make myself up a bowl of yogurt and frozen berries but for some reason I decided to have a few bites of a chocolate chip cookie and a few bites of Kashi Go Lean Crunch prior to doing so. Which triggered a chocolate craving, making me dig into the cookie dough ice cream that I’d sworn off for the week. So I ended up having a couple bites of that. And then a bunch of fresh strawberries. The yogurt thing didn’t even happen. Ah well, next time! I really need to learn how to structure these sweet treats, for some reason I just can’t seem to master that seemingly simple task yet.


8 thoughts on “Veggieful Eatings

  1. So many veggies! They all look delicious :)

    Don’t worry, I certainly haven’t mastered the sweet treats either – I usually put some in a bowl (portion control, is that what they’re calling it these days?) but just end up eating a few more bites when I’m done. It’s a waste of a perfectly clean bowl!

  2. Divine! Vegetables make any meal look more vibrant sounds like you had a vitamin and antioxidant packed day, they’re always the best! :) Thanks for checking out my new blog!

  3. Jenn – The whole dirty bowl thing is a big reason why I often don’t portion out the treats in the first place! I figure I’m going to eat some straight from the container no matter what so I may as well just allow myself a few bites and not bother with a dish… but then I just end up going overboard too often. Siiigh!

    VeggieGirl – Mmm, I should really eat avocado more often, it’s so good and works well with so many things! I’ve never made my own guacamole before though, I’ll have to look for a good recipe!

  4. Haha I totally agree with you and Jenn. I am ALWAYS eating out of the fridge, off the cutting board, from boxes/containers, etc. Sigh, I’m just lazyyyy..
    your wrap looks fab…I can never cut them/wrap them so they look presentable….

    and your baked oatmeal WOW! I bet it was tasty!! Still have yet to make it… I’m always craving regular bowl oatmeal instead!!

  5. that dessert thing always happens to me and if I try to avoid something specific (ie PB out of the jar), I just end up scarfing everything else in sight – pudding, jello, some Mike N Ikes – and then ultimately succumb to the darn PB.

  6. Haha that is EXACTLY what I end up doing much too often, eating bites of anything else sweet I can find when trying NOT to eat something else, but I just end up kicking myself and eating way more than if I had just eaten the one thing I wanted in the first place!

  7. HEY! Im new to your blog.. its great!!

    This wrap is so simple, but those are the best kinds.. i just bought a bunch of wraps and I think I might copy you for lunch tomorrow! (im also a avocado freak!!)

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