Breakfast Baking

I never got around to photographing the rest of my meals yesterday but because of being on the go for a lot of the day, lunch was eaten in the form of two random snacking bouts, and dinner was a last minute sushi trip with a friend. Mmm sushi. I didn’t go overboard with the sushi this time luckily. Sometimes I do if I go for the all-you-can-eat, but I decided to order off the regular menu and got miso soup, a plate of edamame and a california roll. Plus lots of green tea. It was all delicious :)

I wanted to try something new for Breakfast today so I decided to try some Baked Oatmeal for the first time! I followed Kath’s Recipe and made a few slight alterations, using egg whites instead of an egg, a mixture of skim milk and light vanilla soy milk (because I only had a bit left of each). half a mashed banana and half a cup of pumpkin instead of a whole banana in the mixture, and added some cinnamon.
I was highly impressed at how tasty and filling this ended up being!
I guess I broiled it a liiiittle too long because some of the brown sugar burnt, but it still tasted excellent.
I had a quarter of the whole thing plus picked a couple more bites off while putting it away.

After a few bites I also thought it might be tasty to have a maple drizzle on top, so I mixed a little bit of vanilla yogurt with a little bit of sugar free syrup and poured that over top. It contributed a little bit more of a subtly maple sweetness. Mmm.

This is a breakfast I’ll surely be playing around with more often!


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