Morning Munching

This morning I decided that I felt for a nice fruitful smoothie. Prior to making it though I had to have a few bites of last night’s leftover pasta. I have a thing with cold leftovers, especially when they involve pasta. SO I had a few bites of that straight from the container. I managed to photograph that little snacking bout though! I also had about 5 grapes, photographing 3 of them :)

Then I went on to making my smoothie, which included fresh mango, fresh strawberries, frozen banana, fat free vanilla yogurt and light vanilla soy milk. It was good but I wish I had either put more frozen fruit in or some ice because I like my smoothies a little colder and thicker.

I always like finishing the last few bites of my smoothies off by throwing in some Shreddies or other cereal, so I did that. But while in the cupboard I managed to ‘accidentally’ snack on nearly a cup of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. Those things are addicting! Then again I seem to find pretty much any cereal addicting. I finally managed to pull myself away from that box though and get the Shreddies tossed into the smoothie cup. Now I’m pretty stuffed!


4 thoughts on “Morning Munching

  1. That smoothie sounds fantastic… Now I know what I may be making tonight as a post-workout snack!

  2. Usually my proportions vary, but I think I probably had about 1/3 of a mango, 1/2 a large banana, a small handful of strawberries, and around 1/4 cup of yogurt and 1/4 cup soy milk? Something pretty close to that anyway :)

  3. haha I totally know what you mean about pasta leftovers!! even if I would go over to friends’ houses as a kid…their pasta leftovers always caught my eye. Or even pasta leftover from restautants. It’s all good! Something about that cold, dense, chewyness ! Comforting!

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