The Weekend

This weekend was a pretty typical weekend for me event-wise, but I think I’ve been bitten by the snacking bug because I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of grazing and random nibbling the past few days. I did manage to have structured meals the majority of the time, but I feel like there was lots of snacking in and around those meals.
This next week will have to be the smarten up and eat healthy week! I’ve already started setting some guidelines haha.
Anyway, let’s start with my Saturday eatings, shall we?


My Breakfast was a bowl of yogurt with a bunch of frozen fruit. I believe I threw in some banana, strawberry and mango in there. There were definitely other foods consumed that morning as well but I just can’t seem to remember what they were!

Lunch was eaten at work so it was structured, since I could only eat what I had brought with me:

Well, that is until my dad offered me some of his Subway sandwich and I ended up having a few bites of that as well as picking out some of the veggies and pulling off pieces of the bread. (I work for my dad, hence the being at work with him and having lunch with him)


Chicken with barbecue sauce, roasted sweet and white potatoes, and broccoli with vinegar. After dinner I inevitably ate something junky but I can’t remember what it was. I think it actually ended up being a few random bites of different things lying around the house so there was definitely no photos of that little sweet binge.

And now onto today,


Being Mother’s Day and all, my brother and I made my mom breakfast. She wanted an omelette so we made her a nice, big cheesy, spinachy, salsa-y omelette with rye toast. I made myself a smaller egg white omelette with spinach, salsa and goat cheese.

Healthy enough right? But then I decided it would be a good idea to also have some cottage cheese, a few bites of a cookie, a bite of a muffin, and too much peanut butter with banana. Needless to say I was quite stuffed after all of that…

So therefore lunch was relatively nonexistant in a real lunch kinda way. I did end up having some bread and crackers with white bean and parmesan dip that we picked up during a quick grocery store run for dinner ingredients. I had that along with some carrots and mushrooms with dijonnaise, and about a handful of grapes. So it was a snacky lunch of sorts.

I made Dinner tonight for my mom too since she isn’t the greatest fan of making dinners. I made Creamy Sun-dried Tomato Pasta from a recipe I found in the Nutrition Action Health Letter magazine that I get in the mail every month. It was DELICIOUS. The ingredients included rotini, fat free sour cream, sun-dried tomatoes, diced tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper and parsley. We also had some garlic bread with it. And I had a plate of spinach and tomatoes to up my veggie count for the day and fill the last of the empty feeling in my stomach since I had a smaller serving of pasta than the mom and brother.

After finishing, I grabbed a few more grapes from the fridge, then had a quick mix of vanilla yogurt and maple syrup mixed with strawberries and frozen raspberries.

Now I am feeling pretty darn full….


One thought on “The Weekend

  1. Mmmm I am a big-time snacker too. No worries—you seem to eat really, really healthily most of the time, so you shouldn’t feel guilty about letting yourself enjoy yummy treats now and then ;o). Great blog!

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