Friday Junk Fest

I feel like I’ve had a bit of a junk fest today. That’s what happens when your brother comes grocery shopping with you, an event that occurs once in a blue moon, and is given permission to pick out junk food of his choice. Since my sweet tooth overpowers my mind and once started I have no resistance, I managed to dig into several wonderfully tasty yet horribly unnutritious goods. Ooops. Heh. My day started out alright.

For Breakfast I had a bowl of cold oatmeal that I made up last night and stuck in the fridge. I mixed it with cinnamon and nutmeg, pumpkin, and strawberry yogurt. Tasty combination! I also had a couple strawberries and orange pieces on the side.

I’ve had a craving for baking the past couple days so soon after breakfast I decided to bake some Carrot Oatmeal muffins from a recipe my cousin gave me, insisting they were delicious. Well, I tried em and I have to say, they were pretty much a flop. Dry and not very tasty. I think I messed them up though, because when she wrote out the recipe she forgot to write how much milk to use so I pretty much just guessed. I also subsitituted unsweetened applesauce for the vegetable oil because I saw the jar sitting in my fridge and figured it would be a good idea, but I think it contributed to their dryness. I probably should have used more if I were going to use that subsitution. Oh well, I think they will improve in a day or two, muffins usually seem to get more moist after a little bit of time.

Lunch was a bowl of veggies with dijon, balsamic vinegar and cucumber dressing, along with a piece of leftover sweet potato topped with spicy hummus.

Shortly after I was still feeling hungry so I opted for a small apple, sliced, with an amazing peanut butter maple sauce drizzled on top. I just mixed about a tsp of peanut butter slightly melted, with a little sugar free maple syrup and a teeny splash of vanilla soy milk to thin it out a bit more. SO good and I will definitely be using that topping more often.

After grocery shopping I had to open up and try the Roasted Red Pepper Hummus we bought, since I have been waiting forever to see a container of it in the store. We also bought some really delicious bruschetta, so I tried both of those on a small piece of fresh rye bread. SO good.

And Dinner was a bit all over the place. I cooked an old butternut squash in the oven but I think it was too old because it ended up being dry and tasteless. I only had a few bites of it before giving up. My mom and brother had fries and burgers so I had a few fries with gravy and cheese as well. I ate a few more than what is in the picture…

I also had a spinach and shredded cabbage salad with feta and sweet onion dressing.

Here is where the really junky stuff comes in. We bought these giant chocolate chip cookies that we used to get all the time years ago and they were absolutely delicious. Well my mom and brother tried em and were talking about how disappointing and dry they were so I just had to try as well. And yeah, they were not nearly as good as they used to be but they are cookies. With giant chocolate chips. So I ate several bites of one. And we also got Cookie Dough Ice Cream with Brownie Bits. Are you kidding me? FIrst of all, I LOVE cookie dough, and the fact that it’s in ice cream form with big squishy brownie chunks is incredibly overwhelming. So well I tried to portion out a small bowl with some frozen raspberries, I inevitably at a few bites straight from the container during the transfer, and stupidly went back after the bowl to eat some of the brownie chunks. SO good though. Tasted better than it looks…

I just wish I had done a more intense work out or been more active today. I also wish I wasn’t planning on going out with friends tonight, which will be involving some alcohol. Oh well, I’ll just have to try to eat extra well tomorrow!


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