The Lost Lunch

I just feel like the past few days have been so all over the place that I haven’t even managed to eat a structured lunch! It doesn’t actually bother me that much though, as long as I still manage to get in the proper foods more or less throughout the day, and I usually do. Lunch was basically replaced by a few (unfortunately unphotographed) snacks that included:
#1 – Baby carrots and mushrooms with dijon and hummus + some cottage cheese
#2 – Apple
#3 – Cut up carrot with balsamic vinaigrette and a little bit of artichoke caponata. Dangerous dangerous stuff I tell you.
These snacks were eaten pretty much throughout the day, with the last one coming relatively close to dinner time.

For Dinner I was really feeling for a sandwich for some reason so I decided to make one out of the precut chicken in our fridge, as well as a bit of goat cheese, dijon mustard, sweet onion dressing, sundried tomatoes and spinach, all on thin whole wheat bread. I also had a spinach, tomato, red pepper salad on the side.

Since I was still feeling hungry after finishing all of this, I decided to open up a fresh can of pumpkin and mix it with the leftover vanilla yogurt I had, which was very little. I also threw in some cinnamon, raisins and a couple nut pieces. Since this bowl was very tiny I also had another small one with some of the strawberry yogurt I had. Instead of nuts in this one though I threw in some Fiber One.

Prior to these I couldn’t resist a couple small dips into the peanut butter jar… lately I have been craving peanut butter seemingly constantly. I have no idea why! I went through a brief period of time where I didn’t even desire it but now I want to eat it with every meal. So strange…


3 thoughts on “The Lost Lunch

  1. I hate that feeling that you haven’t had a proper meal. I can’t imagine what it’s like for people who every day never get the chance to sit down and enjoy their food.

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