I Would Walk 500 Miles

I’m going to try to make this a quick one cause I’m super tired and ready to head right to bed. I feel like I walked SO much today! Well moreso than most days anyway. This morning before going anywhere I did a quick 10 minute run on the treadmill and then I went to get my car tires changed, and did some walking around the store plus walked across the street and wandered around Chapters for a bit. Then I went shopping with a friend for a couple hours, which was more walking. Then I eventually came home, had dinner etc, then met up with another friend and we went on a really nice long 2ish hour night walk that involved a Shoppers stop and an iced coffee break. I feel like I’ve been on my feet all day and I love it. But now I am quite tired. And doing my whole day’s update at once.

SO welcome breakfast:

A banana/mango/vanilla yogurt/vanilla soymilk smoothie with honey granola on top. I also threw in some Shreddies at the end. I have some weird obsession with pairing smoothies and Shreddies, no idea why.

Lunch didn’t really exist since I was shopping the whole time so instead I had a snack when I got home which consisted of a bunch of random bites, including shredded cabbage with sweet onion dressing and feta, mushrooms and carrots with dijon, and some cottage cheese. I think there may have been some crackers or something in there as well.

And Dinner:

Steamed broccoli with apple cider vinegar and parmesan + half an english muffin with egg whites, spinach, salsa, and half a FF Kraft Singles cheese slice.

And then of course my Dessert of 1/4 cup strawberry frozen yogurt with a couple frozen strawberries thrown in plus 1 tbsp white chocolate peanut butter mixed in. Super tasty.

When I got home from my late night walk I worked up a decent appetite so I had a small bowl of puffed wheat and Raisin Bran cereal with a few slices of frozen banana and a bit of yogurt and soy milk on top. Very good and hit the spot. My mom also went out for dinner with friends tonight and had a lovely container of leftover food sitting in the fridge. My curiousity got the better of me and I had to see what it was… bad call because it was the most delicious looking pesto, feta, sundried tomato pizza I have ever seen. Mmmm! I had a couple bites of one slice plus picked off some olives and sundried tomatoes and ate them. SO good.
And NOW I’m thinking it’s about time to sleep!


2 thoughts on “I Would Walk 500 Miles

  1. I don’t know what Shreddies are, but they sure look GOOD! Canadian cereal maybe?

    And I always feel absolutely DEAD after shopping. Even if it’s only an hour…my legs are DEAD tired. That’s awesome you were able to do so much walking! I love to walk (hate to run), and wish I could do that in the evening! No time though : (

    Have a great Thursday!!!!!!!

  2. yummy!

    that english muffin looks so warm & comforting :) i love how you mixed strawberries, froyo, chocolate & pb all together – i’d be in heaven!

    happy thursday :)

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