Stir Fried

Well my eating was a bit crazy today. For some reason I really messed up my breakfast eating with some crazy snacky/sweet cravings. I went to bed incredibly late last night, or I guess technically early this morning… so by the time I woke up and was actually hungry it was nearly lunchtime. I knew right away that I finally wanted to try a waffle sandwich of sorts so I toasted up a waffle and stuffed it with peanut butter, jam, a little bit of SF syrup and some frozen banana slices. I also snacked on more peanut butter right of the jar… sigh.

It was quite the tasty item but not incredibly filling and it also triggered my sweet tooth so I went and had a few bites of frozen yogurt… then I snacked on Raisin Bran straight from the box. Then I had half of a chocolate chip cookie… plus some grapes and pineapple. Needless to say I consumed WAY more than I meant to. It kept me full for a while though, which was good. I didn’t really have anything else significant to eat other than an apple and a few pickle slices between the gigantor breakfast and dinner.

For dinner I went out with a couple friends to Mongolian Grill which is an all-you-can-eat of sorts, but it’s all stir fries. So you walk around a buffet of sorts and put all of your mixins in one bowl, then hand it to the guys at the grill and then cook it up on a big round hot plate thing and then hand it back on a plate. You can have as many dishes as you want for one price and they also have a soup and salad bar included. They have tons of veggies, noodles, and meat and seafood to throw into your dish, plus a good selection of sauces and tons of different spices. It’s a pretty fun place to go, although I felt that even with the large selection of stuff they had, there could have been more and I didn’t feel like the stir frys were exceptionally better than what I could make for myself at home but oh well! The salad bar could definitely use an expansion though, it only had a few options and was pretty darn small. It did have really good tomatoes, beets and cottage cheese though so I can’t really complain! Unfortunately I took no pictures. Definitely wouldn’t have been very comfortable pulling my camera out there.


2 thoughts on “Stir Fried

  1. It’s okay, you don’t have to feel guilty, I did sort of the same thing. Lately I’ve been neglecting my veggies and giving priority to other sweet treats. The important part is that you start back up the next day. Don’t worry, everyone has their “days.” Your waffle sandwich looks mighty good! :-D

  2. Haha yea, I think all of us are guilty of eating out of the PB jar. I did it yesterday!! And I know what you mean about the Mongolian Grill salad bars. Never enough choices. Though the ones I’ve been to (the B.P’s? ) have a really good selections of meats… I just don’t like how salty some of the sauces are. Gotta watch out for that sodium!!

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