Eeep, slow on the update front…

So once again my updates are clearly lacking… past few days haven’t been full of the most structured eating though. Or even the most structured schedule, I feel like I’ve been hopping all over the place. BUT I’m putting my foot down and am going to try really hard to stop the random snacking/eating/bites here and there thing that I’ve been doing a bit lately. I hate when I get into this habit because it always causes me some trouble… I’m going to try to make sure everything I eat more or less is a planned food that I portion out and not just random bites of their respective boxes/containers/bowls etc!

Anyway! Today for Breakfast I tried the Quaker Weight Control oatmeal packages. They were on sale at the grocery store one day so we decided to buy them. I also added some frozen banana slices and vanilla yogurt on top because that’s just how I do… It wasn’t bad, the flavour was decent, but instant oatmeal is never a match for the real thing. It just doesn’t have the same chew. It was a little too mushy I guess. Oh well, it’s good in a rush or would even be good for a snack.

On another note, I was looking through this advertising book thing that came with out flyers and I found out about this all vegetarian/vegan grocery store place that is in town that I had never heard of before. This makes me SUPER excited because it’s pretty hard to find a good selection of vegetarian products around here (being in Canada and all it’s often hard to find a lot of things…) but this place seems like it would offer all kinds of stuff. So I definitely think I’m going to be making a trip there asap! No, I’m not a vegetarian or anything but I still really enjoy finding vegetarian products etc!


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