Tofu Nuggets!

I tried a new recipe today! Another one out of Deceptively Delicious. I had a block of tofu that needed to get used up so I decided to make some Tofu Nuggets! They are coated in a broccoli/spinach puree and breadcrumbs. Fun stuff and pretty tasty! My mom even really liked them and she is always sketched out by some of the foods I eat…

I calculated them out to be about 80 calories each more or less. I tried one with a bit of light caesar dressing to dip it in.

They aren’t super flavourful, hence the dressing, but I still really enjoyed em!

For dinner my fam ordered pizza so I had a couple small bites of that, but that triggered a pizza craving so to satisfy it I had a slice of thin bread heated with pasta sauce, 1/2 a FF Kraft Single a a bit of cream cheese melted on. Not exactly healthy but YUM. And better than a greasy slice of pizza, at least in my opinion.
I needed some veg in there too so I cut up a small zucchini and some tomato and splashed them with a little balsamic vinaigrette.

I had a craving for peanut butter after dinner, so I took an oatmeal cookie, cut it in half, and stuffed it with crunchy pb and some mint chocolate chip ice cream. I also may have had a few more spoonfuls of the ice cream as well…

My Lunch today was a little interesting too, as I decided to try refried beans for the first time… I really liked them! I had a bowl of spinach, red pepper and tomato and topped it with warmed refried beans, salsa and avocado. I thoroughly enjoyed this combo and I just might have to eat something like it again for tomorrow’s lunch since I have a bunch of the refried beans still left over! Maybe next time I’ll try it all in a wrap…


2 thoughts on “Tofu Nuggets!

  1. oh my gosh!!! tofu nuggets?! that sounds absolutely divine! and they look spectacular as well! mmmm! you have me craving tofu for sure!!

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