Bye Bye Warm Weather?

It has been so nice lately and now suddenly today it became freezing again! And it’s supposed to be cold all week! I’m so sad, I was loving the finally warm weather! :(

But on a lighter note, now that I am off of school and had nothing to do today, I managed to take pictures of all of my meals! Obviously I forgot a few munching in-between things, but I got the three main parts so that’s progress right?! Haha
I tried to eat really well today to make up for the terrible past few days of eating I’ve had but having fresh made cake and mousse sitting in the fridge is a little hard to resist…I tried only having a few bites though!

For Breakfast I had a bowl of mixed strawberry and vanilla yogurt with half a sliced banana, about 5 frozen strawberries slightly defrosted and a handful of frozen raspberries. I was in need of a simple and light breakfast this morning and it managed to tied me over for a good few hours, even through a medium intensity treadmill jog.

While in the process of making my Lunch I had some ranch rice crackers and baby carrots with about 2 tbsp of hummus. I think I eat this pretty much everyday while making my lunch. Hummus and rice crackers is pretty much one of my favourite snacks.
My actual lunch was a bowl of veggies: spinach, broccoli, red peppers, tomato and baby carrots with a splash of light balsamic vinaigrette but today I decided to throw in some tofu that I warmed in a pan with dijon mustard and balsamic vinegar. This lunch kept me full longer than any I can think of in a while. I usually get hungry for dinner relatively early but I put off dinner for an extra hour tonight and even when I actually went to make it I didn’t feel overly hungry. Must be the tofu, I’ll have to add that into my lunch more often!

As I mentioned, there was some chocolate cake and moussse sitting in the fridge, so I had a few bites of each. Didn’t photograph the cake but here is the homemade mousse that my culinary school friend made at my house yesterday:

Clearly it doesn’t look all that attractive in its cup since it has been mostly eaten by other members of this household but it is probably the most decadent mousse I’ve ever had. No surprise there considering it’s made out of pure whipping cream, egg yolks, chocolate, sugar… which is why I tried really hard to only have a few bites…

Since I still wasn’t overly hungry at dinnertime I decided to make a small egg white omelette from the egg whites that were leftover after making the mousse. I stuffed it with a Laughing Cow Light cheese wedge, some salsa, spinach and tomato. For some extra veggies I had a hunk of cucumber and some red pepper slices as well.

Post dinner I had a couple more bites of the very rich mousse… while in the process of making a mini mango yogurt smoothie. But after having the mousse I didn’t feel for the smoothie anymore so I shoved it in the freezer for tomorrow. Then I went on a quick walk with my mom. After coming home I had a few pieces of cut up cantaloupe and watermelon that I chopped this morning since the melons were taking up a ton of space in the fridge and they always get eaten much faster once they are already chopped into convenient bite-size pieces. Everyone else is too lazy to cut them up haha. I also had a couple handfuls of Raisin Bran. Who knows why, I must have been having a bit of a carb craving.


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