In Need of an Fixer Upper

The past several days have been pretty much a disaster in terms of my eating. Actually in terms of everything pretty much. This weekend was the first weekend of school being done so friends who went out of town for school have come back now and everyone was available to go out without being bogged down by exams. And on top of that my grandparents are down visiting this weekend/week. So lots of family dinners and lots of celebrating. Big dinners + many desserts + too much drinking + not much time for exercising = a whole lot of bad for my body. Recovery time is going to be long and painful. Haha. I make it sound much worse than it is, I’m sure I’ll get back on track as soon as possible but right now I am feeling very gross and sluggish. And I have no photos to show for these very messy past few days. So disappointing. :(


4 thoughts on “In Need of an Fixer Upper

  1. I feel your pain!
    Ever since exams ended I’ve been making poor food choices~but I manage to counteract the guilt by doing a little cleaning up around the house after splurging–great for burning calories AND getting chores done! :D

  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself lovebug and always remember that YOU ALWAYS HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE THAT HEALTHY CHOICE! You and your body both deserve the same respect on a stressful day, even moreso, you know? So don’t worry, take deep breaths, and just remember that all will be all right and that you DO have the power to choose! :)

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