I finished my last exam as of 8:00 last night! It feels awesome and yet completely weird to not have to be studying for something, or to not feel guilty to be doing things I want to be doing because I should be studying instead! My first moment of freedom involved seeing the movie 21 last night with a friend. Very good, I recommend it!
And today, my first full day of freedom, has involved really nothing more than chillin in the house and making MUFFINS! I haven’t had the opportunity to bake in quite a while now and I’ve been wanting to, so this seemed like the perfect day for it, especially since it’s one of those gloomy/rainy days today. I made applesauce muffins and even took some pics of the process!

But first things first: Breakfast!
I had a bowl of oatmeal mixed with cinnamon, a container of tropical yogurt (can’t remember the flavour) and a few strawberries, topped with a bit of Fiber One and granola.

Then I decided to move on to the MUFFINS. They were a recipe from:

The secret ingredient is butternut squash! (shhhh)

First I mixed the dry and wet ingredients separately. Then combined them all together:

Then I mixed the streusal topping, put the muffins into their tins and sprinkled on the topping. The recipe was for 12 muffins but I just found there was a LOT of batter and figured it would be much more beneficial to make 18 muffins instead. More for sharing, and less calories per muffin!

Then here there are once all finished and out of the oven. The ones in the left side pan in the oven, the metal pan, cooked much better than the ones in the black nonstick pan. They came out more moist and flavourful.

I had a couple bites of a muffin from each pan. I’m really full right now though, I think I may have licked just a liiittle too much batter and streusal topping out of their bowls…


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