Oh School, Oh Studying

It sure does get in the way of updating! I haven’t been photographing. I shouldn’t use studying as an excuse for taking pictures of what I eat because there have been at least a few meals that have been structured enough and that I have taken the time to sit down and eat, so they would be quite easy to photograph, but I guess I just feel like I wouldn’t take the time to sit and upload them and post them up etc etc. Or I would feel guilty doing so because I should be using that precious time to STUDY STUDY STUDY. Oh sigh.

I’ve gone to bed late the past few nights too. See, you would think because it’s exam time and because I’m supposed to be studying, I wouldn’t be going out and doing things until late hours of the night that do NOT involving studying. But no. I’m so unstructured. Haha. But everyone needs a break from studying sometimes! Just not perhaps three nights in a row. I need adequate sleep so my brain will properly process that oodles of information I’m trying to cram into it! Oh well. Tonight I WILL go to bed early! Or I will do my best… or maybe sleep in a little later tomorrow… haha. Oh boy. I love exam time…


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