Warm Breeze

It is a super lovely day out today. I am sitting at the kitchen table studying with the back door wide open, letting the fresh breeze in. It has a tiny bit of a chill to it but hardly enough to make me cold, which is amazing in itself considering I get cold really easily.

Updating has been less than a priority the past couple days since I’ve been doing some mad studying and exam writing, but I managed to photograph the majority of what I have eaten so far today and I’m now taking a break from my studying to post it up on here. Much more exciting than reading textbooks and taking notes!

For Breakfast today I had a bowl of strawberry yogurt with some fresh strawberries and frozen banana slices stirred in. I also had half of an orange cut up, but I didn’t actually stir that into the yogurt haha.

I also munched on some grapes before eating this. Then AFTER it I had a few bites of brownie that we made the other night. AND a couple small handfuls of Cheerios… eep.

While making Lunch I snacked on half a small zucchnini.

Then for my actual lunch I had half a can of tuna mixed with FF mayo and FF sour cream on one slice of thin bread with spinach. The tuna that wouldn’t fit into the sandwich I put on a couple of spinach leaves. I also had some dill pickles (which I always have to have with my tuna for some reason), mushrooms, carrots and a tomato. I ate the carrots and mushrooms with dijonnaise.

I felt for a bit more veg after that meal, so I had a small bowl of shredded cabbage mixed with FF italian dressing and FF sour cream.

Then for a sweet treat I had a peanut butter ginger chew. They are super gingery and tasty and always seem to perfectly satisfy a sweet craving.

After work my mom brought home some pumpkin bread with chocolate chips in it that a lady at work made so I tried a couple of bites of that. (No pics) SO good and chocolatey. I wish I could have eaten all of it. haha.


2 thoughts on “Warm Breeze

  1. Kristie’s alive! haha yayy :) I hope your exam went well!! Can’t wait to hear all about it :) Your pictures are SO clear and the fruit looks so fresh and clean! Love it! BTW, my mom LOVES the ginger chews (sans Chocolate) but I have yet to try them!

    OHH yeah, and last night I made the most A.MAZING Turkey Meatloaf and would love to give you the recipe if you want it! My family adored it and it’s super healthy + totally a volume eaters delight! xo have a fabulous day!

  2. Ugh I wrote the WORST exam today haha. It was brutally tough and I don’t think I did well at all but I’m just relieved it’s over!
    You should definitely try the ginger chews, they are so tasty! As long as you don’t mind ginger that is :)

    And I would LOVE to have your turkey meatloaf recipe! That sounds super awesome!

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