Morning Cramming

This weekend was all over the place in terms of eating, and of everything else really, so I didn’t take any pictures. Did a lot of studying yesterday, as I have a global studies exam at 6:30 today. Doing some last minute studying for a good chunk of the day. I’m feeling okay about going into this exam. Not great, but okay. It’ll involve two essays… oh what fun.

Anyway, before beginning my last minute cram session I decided to make a lovely bowl of oatmeal. It included some cinnamon, splenda, a bit of syrup, and banana. I also decided once it was finished that I really wanted some yogurt, so I had a small bowl of strawberry with some shreddies thrown in, plus some reese puffs straight from the box. I know, restraint practice time! Ah well. Then after a bit of a study sesh that I just completed, I had a handful of grapes. First time having grapes in months so they are especially delicious and appreciated. I missed grapes!


2 thoughts on “Morning Cramming

  1. Yuck, I hate exams that involve essays (especially when it’s more than one essay on ONE exam).

    On a more positive note, at least your breakfast looks delicious! You can’t go wrong with oatmeal and banana :o)

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