Sushi Suffering

I had sushi for dinner. All-you-can-eat sushi to be exact. Oh boy. Bad call? I usually try to order off the normal menu rather than going with the all-you-can-eat deal but I was feeling hungry tonight and I haven’t done that in a while so I thought it would be fun. I like doing it that way because I try things I normally wouldn’t. I usually order the same things when I order off the menu, whereas doing the all-you-can-eat gives me more reason to try more things. Unfortunately it leads to overeating. I couldn’t even tell you how much I had. But I can try. Haha. Sadly I took no pictures. But I’m still not quite comfortable with the idea of bringing a camera into a restaurant and photographing everything I eat! Eep!

– I started off with a small garden salad.
– Then I had a few individual pieces of fish, I think white tuna and crab meat.
– Then some avocado rice piece.
– Then we ordered a few rolls. I think I had a spicy scallop roll and a cucumber avocado roll.
– Then some tempura scallops and tempura yams. Yeah, bad call. Fried and greasy. But they are SO tasty, I just wanted a couple.
– Then a couple more rolls. One was some veggie pickled avocado something or other roll. And one was a rainbow roll that had some pieces of fish on the outside and lots of avocado and I think some crab inside. Plus a few more pieces of tuna.
– And I ended it all with a small bowl of red bean ice cream. Yeah, it sounds really weird but it’s so tasty! It has little bits of red bean in it. mmm.

SO I had a lot of food. And I’m still feeling very full. There was so much avocado in that meal. Therefore so much fat. Whoops. At least it’s healthy fats!

Oh. And the friend I went to sushi with also brought me some chocolates and a little cake she made. She was making a bunch. So I ate half the little cake along with the little fondant flower that was on the side. And two of the chocolates. No restraint I tell ya!


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