Not Worth It

So this morning I decided to make some oatmeal. But I only made it with 1/4 cup oats so I was still hungry. It was tasty though. I mixed in some cinnamon, vanilla, splenda, almond milk and mango pineapple yogurt. Plus I put a few frozen banana slices on top.

To tide over the rest of the hunger I had a plate of strawberries and half an orange.

Then I mistakenly decided to have two of the chocolates which my friend made. Although I’ve known all along that chocolate is obviously a high calorie food, I don’t think I quite realized the impact of one single plain chocolate until I weighed it. That tiny 12g chocolate comes in at about 62 calories. And I ate two. I could have filled up on much more food later on in the day for those 130ish calories. And although the chocolate was good, it wasn’t amazing or anything. SO I’m not too pleased with my choice there. Especially since lately I just haven’t been eating as well as I would like to. I guess I’ll have to try really hard to limit the junk for the next several days.
Here are the chocolates:


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