Glooms and Studying

This day has been dedicated to studying. And it’s the perfect day for it because the weather has been gloomy and rainy all day. I hate studying on beautiful sunny days because I feel like I should be out and about doing things, not sitting at home studying and isolated from the world. But these are the kind of days where I WANT to sit in, so it’s been perfect. Except i’ve been very sleepy so I just wasted a good hour of studying time napping instead. But I think I really needed it. I don’t often nap.
I also fit in a really good workout today. It was one I ripped out of a magazine ages ago that has 12 different moves. They are all timed moves that you do ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes and they are all difficult, constant moving moves, such as non-stop pushups where you push right off the ground or jump squats or jumps and kicks. Well, hard to explain but boy was it exhausting. That’s probably what has made me so worn out for the rest of the afternoon!

For Lunch I had a big bowl of veggies, very fresh since my mom just brought them home from a grocery store trip. I love having a big batch of brand new groceries :)
I had carrots, mushrooms, red pepper, spinach, cabbage and tomato topped with some dijon, balsamic vinegar and light cucumber dressing. I also dropped about a tbsp of spicy hummus on top. And I snacked on about 1/4 cup of chick peas while making it. That and half a slice of fresh rye bread.
After that I had a few bites of cottage cheese.

Then my mom brought home some chocolate goodies from her work luncheon. I cut a small piece off of each one to try. I ended up having a bite of each piece that I cut and then throwing them out though because I decided they just weren’t good enough and I would have something else I enjoy more later on.


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