Warm Wind

The day started off with a little rain but is now gorgeous and sunny with bright blue skies. It’s very windy and the wind has quite the chill to it, but looking out the window and seeing the sun shining is a super mood lifter!

For Breakfast today I had a plate of fruit bright and early since I had to be in class for 8:30. I wasn’t feeling super hungry but I was really craving some fruit so a banana, and orange a couple strawberries did the trick.

After getting home from my class I was feeling really hungry. I guess the fruit wasn’t very sustaining. So I made myself breakfast number two, which was a package of reduced sugar maple oatmeal with a container of coconut pineapple mango yogurt mixed in. It was a tasty and sweet combo.

Then I did a great workout that included half an hour of jogging intervals on the treadmill, as well as probably 20 minutes of strength training stuff. It was good and tiring and made me nice and hungry in time for lunch.

For Lunch I had a bowl of cabbage, carrots, mushrooms and tomatoes with light italian and light cucumber dressing, along with about half a cup of chickpeas. A lot of those chickpeas were eaten before they got into the bowl though, haha.

Along with that I had a small piece of bread with goat cheese. And a little later I had a bowl of about half a cup of pumpkin with cinnamon and Splenda.


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