I hate you Cold

Yes, the cold is still here. Even with the antibiotics. It seems to be leaving but the nose is still a constant nuisance. And I just made the connection that the antibiotics I’m taking are probably the cause of the constant stomach bloat I’ve had for the past few days. I googled it and discovered that antibiotics are a frequent cause of bloating because they also destroy good stomach and digestive bacteria. Time to pick up some probiotic supplements!

For Breakie today I had a bowl of vanilla yogurt and pumpkin mixed with some Kashi Honey Puffed cereal and topped with a few slices of frozen banana and a few strawberries.

Then when I realized that I should have some probiotics, I remembered that there was some probiotic yogurt in the fridge. I don’t typically eat it since it’s full fat, fairly high cal stuff, but I wanted to give the probiotic thing a shot so I had a small bowl. I think I’ll just go pick up some supplements though.

Lunch was a big bowl of veggies with FF sour cream, dijon and balsamic mixed as a dressing. And a few chickpeas thrown on top.
I also had a cut up apple with a yogurt, syrup, jam mix drizzled on top. Very tasty!

That lunch didn’t tide me over very long though so about an hour and a half later I had some pumpkin with raisins and splenda, then finished off my vanilla yogurt container, which was only a few bites.

On another note, I updated my ‘About’ page so now it has a bit more information and back history on it haha


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