Couscous Goodness

For Dinner I had a bowl of tomato couscous topped with some cooked veggies and then a bit of FF italian, dijon and salsa mixed in, and sprinkled with goat cheese. I had to go back for another half bowl because I was still pretty hungry after finishing the first.

I STILL felt hungry after all that food, so I went for a small tomato and a bowl of cabbage with FF caesar dressing and balsamic vinegar.

Then a little while later I satisfied the sweet tooth with some lemon meraingue yogurt and frozen fruit. Plus I had one peanut ginger chew. Yum.

Unfortunately I went shopping later on with my mom and we walked by the Kernels stand. And she wanted popcorn. And remembered the fact that I had gift certificates from ages ago. So we got a bag of jalapeno cheddar popcorn. And I ate some. A good chunk of it actually. And I wasn’t even hungry or in a snacky mood or anything, I just ate it because it was there. I’m really getting tired of these stupid mistakes of mine. I could have had just a couple bites. I could have at least TRIED to stop myself. But I didn’t. I did relatively well for the rest of the day though at least!


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