Greek Goodness

Dinner was eaten out. Hence the no pictures… :(
I had a greek salad (no black olives) with the dressing on the side, and used maybe half overall. It was good but not incredibly filling. I also had about two bites of my friend’s chicken quesadilla. And then shared a piece of chocolate cheesecake with her. I don’t think I had quite half.
After that we had to go to Bulk Barn so she could get some chocolate for cake making. She’s in culinary school so she does that a lot… anyway, that is a major danger zone for me. I ended up getting a teeny bag of chocolate Clodhoppers and some gummies, of which I only ate a few. I blame the womanly hormones I tell you!

Obviously my dinner was not incredibly sustaining considering it contained virtually nothing of substance. Some greens, and a wee bit of protein and fat from the feta and dressing, but not nearly enough to hold me over long term. So after having a girl movie night with another friend, I came home and raided my fridge. There were some lovely new editions that my mother brought home from a shower she went to earlier today, so I had a couple small pieces of bread with some crab dip and goat cheese on them, plus some zucchini and a couple small pieces of chicken. Sigh. It’s just been one of those crazy eating days. I need to smarten up tomorrow!


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